WATCH: King Charles III Has to Lead Befuddled Joe Biden Around in Trainwreck Visit to UK

Chris Jackson/Pool via AP

Fresh off an explosive, conveniently timed report which detailed his allegedly abusive behavior towards staff, President Joe Biden headed to the United Kingdom Monday to meet with King Charles III and Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, where the topics under discussion ahead of the looming NATO Summit in Lithuania were to be Ukraine and “eco-activism.”


But as has increasingly become the norm, Biden, who is 80, had to be led around pretty much everywhere he went by a handler, with the handler this time around not being First Lady Jill Biden but instead King Charles, 74, himself, with both men at times walking slowly in concerning moments that will only lead to more questions surrounding Biden’s age and fitness to lead the United States through a second term should he win reelection.

As seen in the below clip, watch as the two meet, where they chat for a few seconds as the power plays commence, and then walk together almost as if in slow motion. Note at one point towards the end of the clip how Biden appears to be holding on to the upper arm of King Charles, presumably for stability:

Next, we see Biden walking very woodenly and robotically, while King Charles looks like he’s deliberately slowing his own gait so they can stand side by side:


Then, as they walk together to observe the Welsh Guards, King Charles has issues getting Biden to stick with him as Biden seemed transfixed by the one guard:

Later, prior to a meeting with members of a climate forum inside Windsor Castle, Biden has trouble keeping up with the instructions that are being given to him by his climate envoy, John Kerry, and Energy Security Sec. Grant Shapps. Listen for the nervous laughter at the end:

As should be obvious to pretty much everyone at this point, Biden looks unwell and with each public appearance he makes, it just gets worse.

To reiterate a point I’ve made before, there’s just no getting around it at this point: Joe Biden is unfit to lead this nation for another four years, something of which even his supposed defenders on the left are aware.


It’s why we’ve seen California Gov. Gavin Newsom strategically elevating his national profile and have seen an increasing focus on Vice President Kamala Harris’ frequent missteps and word salads, because if God forbid something happens to Joe Biden, she’s next in line for the presidency.

“Watch me,” is an answer Biden often gives when asked about the subject of his age and fitness to lead. Sadly for him, people are watching and are seeing the same things the rest of us are.

I mean if Joe Biden was trying to demonstrate that he was unfit for a second term, I can’t think of much of anything that he would be doing differently. Seriously.

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