Biden Falls up Stairs Boarding Air Force One, as Trump Heads to East Palestine

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

As I reported earlier, Joe Biden looked lost during a photo-op in Poland, where he seemed to be having trouble understanding that he had to stand facing forward.


He also refused to respond to questions about Vladimir Putin blowing off the START treaty, saying he didn’t have time to answer them. Yes, trying to figure out how to stand is much more important, I guess.

There was a video circulating of someone supposedly falling getting off of Air Force One that was making the rounds on Tuesday. Whoever it was, took a real header down the stairs and I hope they weren’t hurt. They said that wasn’t Biden. It looked like the guy had dark hair and didn’t move like Biden.

But as Biden was leaving Poland on Wednesday, he did trip as he was walking up the stairs onto Air Force One.


He appeared to be alright going into the plane. At least he didn’t fall three times going up, as he infamously did in March 2021, appearing to also hit his head. He also fell off his bike when he stopped while on vacation in Delaware to talk to a little girl.

But you can see the fundamental difference in the movement and priorities between him and former President Donald Trump. Here’s Trump reportedly boarding his plane to go to East Palestine, Ohio to help out there.

Trump is not going empty-handed, he’s also bringing supplies and water.

That’s the difference, spelled out clearly. Biden goes to Ukraine before places in crisis in our own country and has staged air raid sirens to look tough. Trump on the other hand puts America first and does what needs to be done in an American town that Biden hasn’t even mentioned yet.


After it was announced that Trump was going, then suddenly after all the backlash, Transportation Pete Buttigieg said he would be going to East Palestine on Wednesday, after being shamed into it.

Priorities. The contrast is stark. One knows the right priorities, the other seems completely beholden to interests beyond our own. But it doesn’t sound like the folks in East Palestine are going to be buying any of this late malarkey from the Biden administration now that Pete has gotten off his duff and finally decided to show up.

Unfortunately, Biden’s trip is emblematic of his whole time in office.



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