Hilarious and Sad Mika Brzezinski Defense of Biden Shows How Far Media Has Fallen

Once upon a time, media was supposed to be about challenging those in power and asking tough questions on behalf of the American people.

But now, a lot of the liberal media are just sycophants for the Democrats, stenographers getting the talking points and spewing out what they have been given to say. Even so far as to be in favor of shutting down speech, as we saw in the case of the Hunter Biden laptop, with some pushing the falsehood that it was Russian disinformation.


But even by that measure, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski’s take on Joe Biden hit a new level of hilarity. According to Mika, the problem is Joe Biden’s staff, not Joe Biden. She and her husband, Joe Scarborough, were talking about Joe Biden’s age when she blamed the staff for his problems.

I’m just going to be honest; I don’t think they do a good job helping out the president…Like, I’m just saying, if you are managing a president’s schedule, and you are managing a president getting on stage and getting off stage and doing — getting on planes and getting off planes — and yes, he’s 80, you need to be there for him, and you need to make a pathway. And you sure as hell better make sure he doesn’t fall on a sandbag.

Brzezkinski continued:

And I blame the staff for that. I mean, these are the things that are going to hurt him. These are things that are going to be played on a loop. Okay? Let him do his job. Let him do his speeches. Let him work on policy. Let him do his connections in Congress, unlike any president that we’ve seen…I don’t know, since Clinton.

So, do a better job. Because you can’t have these video images of the president tripping, or the president, like, going the wrong way. It’s not going to work in this presidency, because his age is going to be a factor. His age is going to be a factor, and it’s your job to make sure he gets from one place to another. He can handle the presidency. You have to handle his schedule and where he goes.


“It makes me mad,” Brzezinski fumed.

So it’s the staff’s responsibility to wrap him in a bubble; he has no responsibility at all for his actions. If he falls because he’s trying to get off his bike too fast to talk to a little girl, that’s the staff’s fault. If he trips because he isn’t aware enough to see a sandbag, staff’s fault. If he’s shaking hands with imaginary people or calling on dead people to respond, staff’s fault. If he can’t even get Volodymyr Zelensky’s name right or he snaps at the press, staff’s fault. If world leaders have to lead him around or position him like a child, staff’s fault.

Brzezinski even suggested she sometimes doesn’t know where to go on stage to give Biden cover. Then perhaps she shouldn’t be in the office either.

This is a pretty shameful attack on the staff. There’s only so much they can do. They’re already running circles trying to cover, spin, and backtrack on all Biden’s mistakes. They try to cut off media and not let Biden answer questions. Now, word is that he even abuses them and yells at them too. That has to be one of the worst jobs in the world, not knowing what’s going to happen next and what nonsense Joe will say that you somehow have to justify. It’s not their fault that he has the issues he has. She doesn’t seem to get she’s saying they have agency over Biden — are they in charge, or is he? She’s admitting he needs caretakers. Maybe if you can’t figure out your way off the stage, you shouldn’t be in the office—just a thought.


What Mika wants is for the staff to do a better job covering up Biden’s problems and not being transparent. That’s where we are now with liberal media.


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