Not Good: Biden Falls Multiple Times Walking up Stairs Into Air Force One


We’ve been talking a lot about Joe Biden’s cognitive issues.

But he’s also a 78-year-old man with all the limitations of that, as well. Not to mention that sometimes you just might do a “Gerald Ford,” as the highly athletic Gerald Ford knew. But Biden really takes a header on this one.


Watch this video of him going up the stairs of Air Force One. He gave a very delayed salute to the military members before he started up the stairs. He stops for a moment, then starts up. He actually appears to be going up at a pretty good clip. Then he trips and falls, tries to right himself, trips again, and then falls a third time, this time flat out on the steps.

He appears ok, gets up, and continues on into the plane. But when asked, in typical Biden non-transparency, they refuse to answer a question about medical explanation.

He also appears like he might have hit his head on the side of the stairs.

But watching that makes tripping over the dog more believable.

Now people occasionally fall — as I said, take Ford. But this didn’t look good.

Remember the mania the left created when they claimed that President Donald Trump was walking funny down a ramp at West Point? How CNN treated it like a major event showing that Trump was somehow physically incapable although his walk on every other occasion was completely normal? How there was wall-to-wall coverage on it in liberal media with all kinds of analysis? “Why the ramp story really matters,” Chris Cillizza said.


So is the liberal media going to talk about how this really matters?

Biden himself tried to mock Trump over that during the campaign.


This, of course, set many off today asking if media would be applying the same standards. Everyone knows that they won’t; that if this had been Trump it would be all over the news 24/7 with multiple pieces, as indeed something not even this bad was, just a modified step on a ramp.


Going to bet that they fail that test. Prepare for “Republicans Pounce!”

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