Joe Biden Blows off Important NATO Dinner, White House’s Explanation Doesn’t Cut It

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Not surprisingly, President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe for the NATO Summit has had its fair share of alarming moments, starting with a befuddled Biden having to be ushered around Windsor Castle by King Charles III, who Biden at one point was literally holding on to – presumably for support – as the two walked together to their next destination. There was also the moment when Biden seemed transfixed by one of the Welsh Guards and had to be gently coaxed away by the British monarch.


Biden’s trip to Lithuania for the NATO Summit, taken the day after his visit with King Charles, was filled with more moments of Biden confusion from start to finish, with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda at one point having to act in the role of Biden handler in physically moving him to the places he needed to be.

But it’s a move Biden did not make while on his overseas trip that has perhaps sparked the most concern, with Biden skipping out on an important NATO dinner and sending Sec. of State Antony Blinken instead:

President Joe Biden has raised eyebrows after skipping dinner with NATO leaders on Tuesday night and instead heading straight to his hotel in Lithuania.


The president’s snub came after he told Turkish President Recep Erdogan he would win re-election – and would be working with him for the next five years.

Despite mounting concerns about his health and age, he was confident about his chances in 2024. Biden would be 86 by the end of his second term.

When asked why Biden wasn’t attending the dinner, a “US official” told reporters that “the president has had four full days of official business and is preparing for a big speech tomorrow in addition to another day at the summit.”


“Four full days of official business”? How is that even possible? As the Daily Mail report pointed out, Biden arrived in Europe Sunday night, and this was after a day spent at Rehoboth Beach for a leisure trip, as RedState previously reported:

I guess Biden scrolling around on his phone while laying out on the beach is considered “official business” these days.

This was of course also after Biden had a four-day work week, which was preceded by a July 4 holiday weekend trip with his family to Camp David – for the second weekend in a row.

This isn’t the first time Biden has bailed on an important get-together when on foreign soil meeting with other world leaders. Back in November 2022, he bowed out of a G20 “Leaders” event, and his handlers wouldn’t explain why the “last-minute change” was made.

But rest assured, though Biden apparently was too tired for the dinner after rubbing elbows for two days, we were in good hands here at home with Vice President Kamala Harris… oh wait:


Move along here, folks, nothing at all to see. Just our fearless leader unable to do his job (again) and those who surround him refusing to be upfront and honest with the public about what exactly is going on (again), all while his second in command does absolutely nothing to inspire confidence on the homefront (again).

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