Biden Physically Moved Into Place by Lithuanian Leader, Makes Eyebrow Raising Comment About Russia

Joe Biden and Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausėda in Lithuania. (Credit: RNC Research)

As we have previously reported, Joe Biden is in Europe this week. He first visited the U.K., where he had a lot of moments of confusion with King Charles. Then he continued to have issues in Lithuania, where he went next, for the NATO summit. He also showed a ton of hypocrisy. After pushing climate change and having his climate czar say what a terrifying emergency it was during a meeting in the U.K., Biden then showed how much he cared about it with a 30+ car gas-guzzling motorcade tooling around Lithuania.


But Tuesday brought more confusion for the beleaguered Biden. When my colleague Sister Toldjah wrote about Biden’s U.K. visit, she noted how he had to be led around by King Charles when visiting Windsor Castle. That trend continued in Lithuania, with President Gitanas Nausėda seeming to take on the caretaker role in some embarrassing moments. Watch here as Nausėda not only has to tell Biden what to do and where to go, but he has to physically move him a little into place.

“My signature? Just my signature?” Biden asks as Nausėda instructs him. He also lowered himself into the chair like he was very old.

Nausėda even had to instruct Joe how to stand on the red carpet, as though he was instructing a child.

Joe being Joe, he then made a weird joke about the Lithuanian Presidential Medal of Freedom that Nausėda showed him.

“I’m gonna wear that,” Biden said. Nausėda did not look happy with that joke, and I’m just guessing that Joe isn’t getting that medal from him any time soon. Probably not the best idea to joke about a national honor.


As Biden typically does, he blew off most of the questions during his appearances. After he met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Biden looked at the press pool but then turned and shuffled off without taking any questions.

But even though he was ducking questions from reporters, that didn’t stop him from saying something that had people asking if he didn’t reveal something else that he wasn’t supposed to say.

“It didn’t take us long to get thousands of troops here when Russia invaded the second time. We’ll be assured that you’re gonna have all that you need. We have the secretary of defense here today. We can send him along.”

I’m confused. What is he talking about here? I think it’s Ukraine (does he know where he is?), but then is he admitting we had “thousands of troops” in Ukraine? Or is he talking about Lithuania? Lithuania has only been a NATO member since 2004. Then did he offer them our secretary of defense? Since it’s Joe, it’s always an exercise to try to figure out exactly what he’s talking about. That’s a big problem on the world stage where a careless word can have big consequences, as we saw when he talked about essentially being cool with a “minor incursion” in Ukraine. Biden’s errors have already cost a lot.


Expect a walk back on this from the White House. That poor staffer is likely going to feel the wrath of Joe “Old Yeller” Biden when they tell him they’re going to have to clarify that one.

This follows remarks that Biden made earlier in the week, seemingly talking about Ukraine and the U.S. being out of or running low on ammunition as an excuse for giving Ukraine cluster munitions. Not a very smart or good thing to admit when those who wish us ill are listening.



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