Washington Post Tells on Itself in Hit Piece on Conservatives Allegedly 'Exploiting' Nashville Mass Shooting

Metro Nashville Police Department via AP

Within just a few hours of the Nashville Christian elementary school mass shooting incident Monday where six people including three children were murdered by a 28-year-old “he/him”-identifying former student named Audrey Hale, the mainstream media were, unfortunately, already portraying the female shooter and her fellow LGBTQers in a sympathetic light while pointing fingers at conservative politicians who support gun rights and who oppose so-called gender-affirming care for minors.


As we reported at the time, the Washington Post was among the worst offenders in the bunch, publishing a despicable story that tried to tie Republican Rep. Angy Ogles, whose Congressional district is where the school is located, to the mass shooting because he is a proponent of the Second Amendment and once tweeted a Christmas photo of him, his wife, and children holding firearms.

To recap, here’s the since-deleted tweet the Washington Post originally posted (here’s the archive link to the original story they wrote as well, which has been modified since to sound less like it was ripped from the DNC talking points handbook):

And now, three days later and as we are learning more about Hale and are grieving over the lives lost in this absolutely senseless tragedy, the Washington Post is back at it again.

Except in this instance what is on crystal clear display from the WaPo is their stunning lack of self-awareness, as evidenced in a new story in which they proclaim in a headline that “The right exploits Nashville shooting to escalate anti-trans rhetoric.”


In a later tweet, Nirappil, who is a “health reporter” for the Post, further displayed his left-wing bias with the following comments:

“We’ve dropped the paywall on this important story about intensifying rhetoric against a marginalized community. I will not be intimidated for reporting this reality.”

However, in the process of “dropping” the paywall, the WaPo also dropped the veil on their purposely slanted “reporting” on the right’s focus on Hale’s gender identity preferences.

Sooo… three days ago it was okay for the Washington Post to exploit the victims of the shooting by portraying the area’s Congressional representative as tacitly complicit in their deaths, but now it’s wrong for the right to allegedly be “exploiting” the trans identify of the Nashville shooter (even though it was the media who made the biggest fuss about Hale’s pronoun status early on while fretting over “misgendering” her)?


Apparently so:

Remember, when they do it, it’s always (D)ifferent. Always.

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