ABC's Terry Moran Gives Disgusting Hint at Who's to Blame for the Nashville Shooting, but Plays Himself

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Among the disgusting takes circulating after a shooting at the Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, Terry Moran definitely takes the top spot.

The atrocity occurred on Monday at “The Covenant School,” a Christian elementary school within a local Nashville church. The shooting was committed by 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a former student of the school who identifies as a transgender male. Officers fatally shot Hale, but not before she could claim the lives of six people, including three children.


As ongoing reports were being made early after the shooting, ABC News’s Moran was breaking the news that the shooter was transgender. As readers are well aware by now, the mainstream narrative around a mass shooting can only work if the shooter carries a certain identity. Hale’s identity didn’t match the needed criteria, and in fact, ran contrary to the sacred cow narrative around transgender people.

So instead of pointing the finger at the shooter as he should have, Moran quickly switched gears and began describing Tennessee’s recent legislation that barred minors from attending drag shows and transgender-affirming care for minors.

While Moran didn’t say “this is why this shooting happened,” the point of bringing up this fact about Tennessee’s lack of tolerance for “child-friendly” drag shows and mutilating minors was to hint, suggest, and wink at the idea that this shooting occurred because Tennessee doesn’t cater to transgender activist demands. This is how media figures place blame without placing blame.

To be clear, the state of Tennessee has these laws because the people wanted them. What Moran is effectively saying is that the voters of Tennessee are to blame for this shooting because they’re not on board with mainstream culture’s view of transgenderism.


In other words, it’s your fault. Just give the transgender activists what they want and nobody has to get hurt.

There are a lot of gross takes from the media, especially after a shooting, but this is definitely one for the books. Normally, the media immediately takes the opportunity to blame lax gun control laws, point fingers at gun rights advocates, and pull out some gun-grabbing legislation that’s been sitting in a drawer in a Democrat Senator’s desk for just this occasion. The social justice community will chime in and talk about how this is also another example of toxic masculinity and/or white supremacist culture.

Hale’s identity doesn’t allow for this. While the Democrats might still not let this crisis go to waste for a gun control push, the media and the activist community have to scramble for a victimization narrative for Hale.

Herein, the left and Moran have played themselves.

The one thing the left and the media don’t ever want to talk about is the mental health angle, which is truly the angle worth discussing. What Moran did was effectively say that this absolutely was about mental health. His logic is that if Tennessee had just had more services available for Hale then she might have been mentally stable and wouldn’t have shot those children.

So, thanks to Moran, we now have an admission from the mainstream media that mass shooters are mentally ill. Moreover, and possibly more damning, we have confirmation from the mainstream media that transgender people are suffering from mental illness and need mental health care.


Moran has opened the door to that conversation among the people.

No doubt, the left’s best narrative creators are on the job and attempting to find a singular path for mainstream outlets to follow on this story and we’ll begin seeing it today if it hasn’t started already. However, Moran’s disgusting inclusion of Tennssee’s laws after the revelation that the shooter was transgender won’t just go away.

If Moran or ABC News had any integrity, they’d issue apologies for this “report,” but don’t hold your breath.

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