Watch: Lori Lightfoot Inadvertently Exposes the Utter Lunacy of 'Papers, Please' Vax Proof Approach

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Panic-pushing Democrats have been heavy on the mandates throughout the course of the Wuhan virus pandemic, whether it be in the form of severe restrictions on businesses that had the effect of causing them to shut down, or in the form of mask and vaccine mandates, the rules on the latter of which seem to only apply to the little people and not Democrats like President Biden, Calfornia Gov. Gavin Newsom, and various Democrat mayors including Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot.


Lightfoot, who has not only demonstrated rank hypocrisy throughout the COVID outbreak but who has also displayed some rather disturbing dictatorial tendencies along the way, announced Tuesday that her city supposedly had no choice but to begin mandating residents five-years-old and over show “proof of vaccination” before they enter restaurants, bars, gyms, and most other indoor places where food and drink are served:

The forms of “proof” were outlined by the Chicago Dept. of Public Health:

But in making her predictably dramatic announcement, Lightfoot unwittingly exposed the utter lunacy of such policies, first by explaining it wasn’t required if you were just dropping in to a coffee shop briefly but that it was required if you planned on staying for a while:


Secondly, there are so many exceptions to her mandate that it would be comical if the issue wasn’t so serious:

And travelers can still fly in and out of Chicago without needing to show a vaccination card, and professional athletes and artists and their supporting crew are still able to play or perform whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Schools, grocery stores and houses of worship are not covered by the requirement, nor are recreation centers in office or condo buildings that can only be used by tenants and residents. Students are also able to participate in out-of-school school activities regardless of vaccination status.

Individuals who have received a medical or religious dispensation are exempt if they show proof, as well as a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours. Stopping in to a place – to use the bathroom, to place a carryout order, or a delivery worker picking up an order – isn’t required to show proof of vaccination, as long as the visit’s kept to 10 minutes or less.


You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me. Not only is this not going to keep any COVID variants from spreading but imagine being the business owner and having to have your employees play vaccine police with customers? “You only staying 10 minutes? Cool, no worries on the proof. Oh, you’ll be here for 20 minutes? Okay, I need to see your papers, then.”

That’s not going to go over well like at all, as we’ve already seen in places where the “vaccine proof” mandates have been put in place like New York state.

Democrat-run cities like Boston, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. also have vaccine proof mandates in place.

Beyond Lightfoot’s bizarre explainer on where the proof would be required and wouldn’t, she also made an illuminating admission about the rationale behind her vaccine proof order.

“To put it simply, if you have been living vaccine-free, your time is up. If you wish to live life as w/the ease to do the things you love, you must be vax’d,” she stated. “This health order may pose an inconvenience to the unvaccinated, and in fact it is inconvenient by design.”

Over the last several months as “leaders” have gotten more and more draconian in Australia, I’ve had people ask me if I think things would ever get that bad here. Not only did I respond by telling them that they already had, but I told them that in some ways it was likely to get worse here than there.


Unfortunately, these Democratic mayors and governors had to prove me right. Oh, how I wish everyone who predicted this would happen here would have been wrong.

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