Tucker Carlson: Where Is the ACLU on 'Shut up and Obey' Democrats Like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot?

Tucker Carlson: Where Is the ACLU on 'Shut up and Obey' Democrats Like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot?
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Fox News talk show host Tucker Carlson has been calling out the left’s #MeToo hypocrisy and sounding alarm bells for weeks on the increasingly authoritarian nature that has been on display in Democrat-run cities and states across America, particularly in places like Michigan, California, and New York.

But on his program Monday night, Carlson zeroed in on Chicago, Illinois Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) and how she recently warned partygoers in her city that even their social media accounts were now being monitored in order to track potential plans for large gatherings. Before we get to Tucker’s segment, let’s watch Lightfoot talk about how people who are caught in large group settings will be treated like “criminals”:

Here’s more on what she said, which was not included in that video clip:

“So, that means if you host a party, if you promote a party, if you go to a party, we’re not playing games, we mean business and we are going to shut this down one way or the other,” Lightfoot continued. “The time for educating people into compliance is over, don’t be stupid don’t come out, don’t advertise on social media, we’re watching you and we are going to take decisive action.”

On his program Monday night, Carlson referenced Lightfoot’s stunning stay at home hypocrisy, along with reports of some cities actually using “pandemic drones” to monitor citizens, and wondered where the American Civil Liberties Union was as Constitutional rights were being eroded in cities and states run by Democrats. So far, they’ve been mostly quiet.


“As the pandemic appears to recede, at least for the moment, their restrictions are becoming tighter,” Carlson noted. “And that’s when you know that this isn’t about public health. It’s about making mediocre people more powerful.”


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