Did Lori Lightfoot Just Get Busted for a Little More Hypocrisy on Masks?

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

On Monday, we reported how Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was one of those Democrats seemingly reluctant to accept the CDC guidance that it was okay to dispense with the mask if you were vaccinated.

“Well, I think we’ve gotta get some clarification from the CDC. The rollout obviously is, the reporting has been, was a bit abrupt, and I think they’ve got a lot of clarification that they need to do,” Lightfoot said. “I know for me personally, I’m gonna continue to wear a mask in public and I’m gonna encourage others to do so.”

“We’ve gotta make sure that people are continuing to follow the public health guidance that has gotten us this far and masks I think are a big and important part of that,” Lightfoot said. “To say, well, if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask, that’s great, but what about all the other people that are out there that aren’t vaccinated and there’s no way to know that? So I think for the time being, most people are gonna continue to wear a mask outside, outside their homes, and I think that’s smart.”

What clarification do you need? It seems pretty clear. We’ve got to make sure people are “continuing to follow the public health guidance that has gotten us this far.” Except if that guidance deviates from what she believes, apparently. She says what about the people who aren’t vaccinated and there’s no way to know that? That’s why you get vaccinated, so that question is pretty much irrelevant, so you’re protected around non-vaccinated people. And when she says stuff like this, she appears to be questioning the efficacy of the vaccine. Not a good message to be sending to the public.

So we have another question for Mayor Lightfoot: Can she explain this video that was reportedly taken yesterday of RPM Seafood in Chicago? Because it sure looks like there’s the mayor in public without a mask on, among a whole lot of other folks without masks on.

I thought she said she was going to be wearing a mask in public and was encouraging others to do the same? Can we say hypocrisy, once again, from Mayor Lightfoot?

Haley Pfaffenberger, who took the video, said that there were Chicago-themed balloons. So it’s possible the event may have been related to the two-year anniversary of her inauguration which was yesterday. Pfaffenberger also said that the hypocrisy was “not surprising.”

So which is it, Mayor Lightfoot? Are you just making a public posture when interviewed and then doing something different when you’re not on the official camera?

I put in an inquiry to Lightfoot but have not gotten a response yet.

Last April, when Lightfoot had issued a stay-at-home order because of the pandemic, she was busted getting a haircut. Her excuse? She was in the public eye so she needed a haircut. Any of those things you might need or want, eh. But her haircut was important.