Mr. T’s Outstanding Holiday Words of Wisdom Put BLM's Thanksgiving Scolding to Shame

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It never fails that around the holidays and other special occasions, radical leftists and members of the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) enjoy pouncing and seizing on the opportunity to bore everyone to tears by attempting to prove their “woke” creds, in the process proving to us how deeply unhinged/wacked most of them truly are.


For instance, there was Bulwark/The Atlantic writer Molly Jong-Fast’s bizarre suggestion this week that President Biden declare war on the Republican “enemy” going into the new year as well as urging so-called progressives to report their non-compliant relatives to the FBI in case their “deprogramming” efforts on Thanksgiving Day didn’t work.

There was also CBS Morning urging people to stick all their Thanksgiving guests in the garage and rapid-test them for COVID before allowing them into the house, and Axios floating the possibility of having a “Thanksgiving bouncer” on standby to confirm guests have recently tested negative for COVID.

Fortunately, not everyone jumped on the “let’s see how woke I can go” bandwagon on Thanksgiving. The actor Mr. T, most famous for his roles in the hit TV series “The A-Team” and the movie “Rocky III,” took to the Twitter machine Thursday evening likely after enjoying some turkey, stuffing, and mashed taters, and provided some food for thought on how he approaches the Thanksgiving holiday.

In it, he noted how being thankful is how we should approach every day, not just the one day out of the year that is dedicated to that specific purpose:


He followed up with an enduring Biblical message:

The moral of his story? Not only to be thankful every day but also to demonstrate it to your family, friends, and/or your local community in giving back in some meaningful way whenever you can.

Think about Mr. T’s outstanding words of wisdom and then contrast them with the Thanksgiving scolding people received from Black Lives Matter hacktivists, whose message was on how, “You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land,” as we reported earlier.

Cringe. Sounds like the only people eating “dry turkey and overcooked stuffing” on Thanksgiving Day were the perpetually unhappy grifters at Black Lives Matter HQ.


On one hand, we have “report your relatives to the FBI,” “stick guests in the garage for the holiday with a Thanksgiving bouncer,” and something something “dry turkey and stolen land,” versus “‘Thanksgiving’ is more, way more, than a 24 hour period on a particular or special day” and “Thanksgiving is a way of life.”

Which one likely resonates with a majority of the American people? I think the answer should be pretty obvious.

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