Facebook Isn't Allowing Sharing of NY Post Story About BLM Co-Founder's 'Real Estate Binge'

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I’ve been doing a lot of reporting on BLM co-founder Patrisse Kahn Cullors this week. Part of the reporting was on the four homes which she had acquired since 2016, including a $1.4 million dollar compound in the very white area of Topanga Canyon. The total of the homes she bought was around $3.2 million. She was also allegedly looking at a home at a resort in the Bahamas. I noted how all this seemed not in keeping with her alleged creed as a trained Marxist.


But another part of my reporting has been on the reaction to that report. There was the BLM blaming any criticism or questions surrounding Cullors on a tradition of “white supremacists.” Then Twitter also locked out the accounts of journalists Jason Whitlock and Curtis Scoon for sharing the basic report of Cullors’ purchase of the home. The two had just posted that she’d bought a home in the Topanga Canyon area, they didn’t publish any personal information. Yet both their accounts were locked, Twitter claimed, for violating the rules against posting “private information.”

Now, there’s more. Turns out it’s not just Twitter.

Folks began noticing that Facebook wasn’t allowing you to share the New York Post’s link to their story about her real estate binge. The Post was the first outlet out with the scoop on the multiple properties which Cullors had acquired, so of course, everyone was linking to it. But Facebook now appears to not be allowing the link to be shared.


When I tried to plug the Post url in to test it as I wrote this story, I got this notice saying that the post somehow goes “against their community standards.”

Many others had the same problem.

Newsweek reporters tested it too with the same results. They asked Facebook what the story was.

A Facebook spokesperson told Newsweek, “This content was removed for violating our privacy and personal information policy.” The policy forbids articles that share details that could identify a person’s financial and residential information, thus violating their privacy rights.

Other stories covering the story were able to be shared, but the NY Post was the original main media source for the information.


You may recall it was also the NY Post that did a Hunter Biden email/laptop story in October 2020, the url of which was banned on Twitter. Twitter later claimed it was a mistake that happened.

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