HOT TAKES: Thanksgiving Once Again Reveals Why Woke Progressives Are the Absolute Worst

HOT TAKES: Thanksgiving Once Again Reveals Why Woke Progressives Are the Absolute Worst
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The progressive left ruins everything. At least, it seems that’s what they try to do anytime other people are having fun. This year’s Thanksgiving holiday is no different. Several high-profile leftists took to Twitter to remind the nation that Turkey Day is nothing more than another symbol of white supremacy.

In their typical virtue-signaling fashion, these individuals slammed Thanksgiving, arguing that it represents the oppression of indigenous people and other people of color. Others claimed that it is essentially the celebration of the slaughter of Native Americans.

First up we have Dr. Gillian Battino, who is running for a Maryland Senate seat. She posted a tweet declaring that the holiday’s history is “deeply intertwined with colonialism, violence, and white supremacy.”

She wrote:

November is #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth! This is a time to celebrate the rich culture, history, contributions, and achievements of Indigenous peoples in this country. #Thanksgiving is a holiday whose history is deeply intertwined with colonialism, violence, and white supremacy.

United We Dream, a left-wing organization that boasts that it is “the first & largest immigrant youth-led organization in the nation,” publicly affirmed that it acknowledges how Thanksgiving “impacts indigenous people today.”

They tweeted:

We recognize the horrors of colonization, the terror of white supremacy, and the way this all impacts indigenous people today. On this Thanksgiving, we are reminded of the work that still needs to be done to reach liberation along with our loved ones and our native allies.

Tommie Sunshine, who identifies as a “sub-cultural historian” and activist, also linked the holiday to white supremacy:

let’s show thanks to those ancestors who were here long before us as today is their day & we should celebrate their sacrifice & the damage inflicted on them in the name of “progress” instead of racism, genocide & white supremacy. #Thanksgiving #NativeAmerican

Vinny Arora, Dean for Medical Education at Chicago University’s Pritzker School of Medicine, also referenced the genocide of indigenous people:

On this and every #Thanksgiving, as we give thanks, let’s also acknowledge the holiday’s origins in the genocide of indigenous people who gave their lives and land and whose descendants continue to suffer from inequity today.

Comedian Hari Kondabolu slammed the holiday, claiming it is only about eating “unhealthy food.”

He tweeted:

Thanksgiving is a holiday when we ignore racism & genocide eat lots of unhealthy food.

It’s like the history of America in a day. #Thanksgiving

Last, but definitely not least, we have Lola Méndez, Queer Latina journalist who claims the holiday “commemorates” the “slaughter” of millions of indigenous people. She wrote:

Thanksgiving commemorates and glorifies the slaughter of at least 56 million Indigenous people (estimated to be 90% of the population) across the Americas as of the 1600s which remains the biggest genocide in history. Latinx people with Indigenous roots like myself are miracles.

Whenever a holiday, event, or anything else that might cause an outbreak of fun comes around, we can always count on the progressive left to hurl a wet blanket on the matter. It’s what they do best, isn’t it?

This isn’t to say that the brutal aspects of American history should not be talked about. Indeed, conversations on these matters are warranted, provided that those participating are doing so in good faith.

But using the tragedies that occurred around the time of Thanksgiving to signal one’s virtue is peak progressivism and completely obnoxious to the rest of the country. This is a holiday where Americans reflect on that for which we are grateful. It is a time to take stock of what has gone right in our lives rather than focusing on the negative.

Perhaps this is because the hard left isn’t too keen on the idea of gratitude. If one is grateful, it means they are not complaining, and complaining is what these folks do best. For many of these folks, it does not appear that they can recognize the good along with the bad. But then again, if they were to do so, it might be a tad bit more difficult to push their agenda, wouldn’t it?

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