Black Lives Matter Releases a Thanksgiving Message That Will Soothe Your Soul

Black Lives Matter Releases a Thanksgiving Message That Will Soothe Your Soul
AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Well, another Thanksgiving is in the books. Hopefully, your pants still fit when you go to put them on this morning and you are able to fully awaken from your food-induced coma.

Yet, while most of you were sitting down with your family to give thanks for all you have, no matter how much or how little, Black Lives Matter released a Thanksgiving message that is sure to soothe your soul. The intrepid “social justice” organization took to social media to let us all know what’s truly important to remember this holiday season.

Imagine being so constantly aggrieved and unable to take a break that you can’t let people enjoy a national holiday where people simply gather with friends and family to give thanks. It’s got to be exhausting to live that way. I mean, it’s one thing to speak to politics on a holiday. People did that all over the country yesterday as they discussed various issues. But it’s another to try to trash the holiday via politics.

Besides, BLM’s message is incredibly dumb. There’s literally not a country on earth, from the Americas to Africa, that wasn’t formed on the basis of conquest. There is absolutely nothing unique about the United States in that sense. Further, even those who the US government conquered were themselves residing on “stolen land,” having conquered it previously. We know that native tribes warred for thousands of years, killing, enslaving, and subjugating.

That’s not to say US government actions weren’t barbaric at times, but everything has to be placed in context. In short, why does the definition of colonization only start with the United States if we are going to play this game?

By the way, what does this stolen land red herring have to do with Black Lives Matter? I ask that because I’ve been assured that BLM is a narrowly-focused organization that only speaks to state-sponsored violence against black people. That’s the excuse we hear when it’s pointed out they do little to nothing to invest in and fight the problem of black-on-black crime (typically gang-related) in major cities.

Yet, they’ve got time to take up the cause over “native land?” Weird, right? It’s almost like BLM is just a hypocritical, dumpster fire organization that only focuses on what they feel will push their Marxist goals forward. And what better way to do that than to push a revolutionary mindset over “stolen land?”

And that’s really the point here. As I said, the charge against the United States that we “stole” the country’s land is incredibly irrelevant in light of human history. Yet, BLM and others see it as a way to stoke division and bring out societal transformation. They don’t actually care about people who were mistreated 200 years ago. What they care about is political power. That’s how you get their ridiculous insulting Thanksgiving message.

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