Liberal Writer's Bizarre Take on Biden, Demonizing Americans, and Thanksgiving

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Now, I must confess I don’t tend to read writer Molly Jong-Fast’s articles. She writes for The Atlantic and The Bulwark, so I’d be more likely to read a Nigerian prince’s spam email because it would be more accurate than that stuff.


But I’ll make an exception in this instance because they are a good measure, I think, of where ‘liberal’ thought is at — and that’s a pretty warped and scary place to maintain control and push their narratives.

How can Joe Biden pull himself out of the dumps he’s in with the polls, Jong-Fast asked in a story yesterday.

Now these bad numbers — the depths of which Jong-Fast doesn’t even acknowledge — are because of Biden’s own bad policies and actions. But not according to Jong-Fast. Everything is pretty good, according to her, so it’s really just a “narrative” problem. How can you solve this “narrative” problem? She suggests his problem is he doesn’t have an enemy, titling her article, “Biden needs an enemy.”

The disconnect between the facts and the polls suggests that Biden’s true problem is a narrative one. Specifically, he doesn’t have an enemy, a punching bag to absorb Americans’ anger (rational or irrational).

How ludicrous is this? Biden campaigned and ran on one topic: vote for me because I am not President Donald Trump. Everything he’s done virtually at every moment is trying to blame an “enemy” — his predecessor — regardless of reality.


But this is the mind of the liberal: we must use Alinsky tactics to mask Joe Biden’s deficiencies and try to convince Americans to fall for our pitch. Who do they think is dumb enough to fall for this?

But apparently making Trump a foil isn’t enough, since Trump isn’t the reason that Biden can’t do his job.

So Jong-Fast has moved on to an additional ‘enemy’ to target and with whom to stoke division — your fellow Americans, your family members, even. Not just Trump, but Republicans in general, whom she terms “turning against democracy.”

Or, the Boston College professor Heather Cox Richardson told me, “Biden could easily declare ‘war’ on the authoritarians threatening our democracy, much the same as Abraham Lincoln did when he pulled northerners together to stand against the slaveholders.” That is, he could spend more time trying to direct Americans’ attention to the threat posed by the Trump-directed Republican Party, which is consolidating power at the state level and turning against democracy in large numbers.

This is why folks on the left keep pumping Jan. 6, because it’s the focal point of their attack to smear everyone on the right. You’re not supposed to be upset with all the BLM/Antifa violence over years that the left condoned, just that one three-hour riot.

But today, Jong-Fast even took it a step further in her article today, “Deprogram your relatives this Thanksgiving.”


Jong-Fast spews on about Q-Anon and the “Big Lie.” Just ignore that the left’s pushing of the huge lie about Russia collusion that they used to divide and undermine the duly-elected president of the United States for years — that doesn’t matter and isn’t an ‘attack on democracy’ even when pushed and funded by the DNC/the Clinton Campaign.

“Maybe you’ll even change a heart or a mind,” Jong-Fast declared in the article. “Maybe you’ll bring the temperature down just a tiny bit. Or maybe you’ll need to report a relative to the FBI! Either way, it’s something to do besides just eat.”

So that’s the natural consequence of her article from the day before.

Jong-Fast obviously got blowback on that one. Apparently someone also thought better of that subheading, and it appears to have been changed in the article now, although the text in the article still has the phrase. She later argued it was an attempt at humor and she wasn’t actually urging people to report their relatives.


The problem, of course, is that she doesn’t realize that she’s the ‘bad relative’ in this scenario. She’s the one that wants everyone to be political and divisive with their relatives. She’s the one operating under an authoritarian thought pattern when she thinks it’s normal to advise Biden to create an enemy to improve his poll numbers or to demonize your relatives because they have a different opinion than she does.

But the November election revealed people were onto this division game that the liberals play. The polls show people are favoring their Republican congressional candidates. So yes, the Democrats can keep trying it because the alternative is to run on failed policies. But then they are going to have their doors blown off come the midterms — and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.


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