'Women's March' Picks Perfect Time to Profusely Apologize for '$14.92 Average Donation' Email

J. Scott Applewhite

Though this month has been a pretty based one for conservatives what with the Virginia red wave, the Kyle Rittenhouse “not guilty” verdict, and the explosive revelation about the Steele Dossier, it hasn’t been without its downsides as well – not just for conservatives but for all Americans.


The unemployment situation isn’t getting any better, the supply chain crisis woes continue, gas and food prices are still going up, and through all of it, the current inhabitant of the Oval Office steadfastly refuses to take a shred of responsibility for any of it.

But though times are tough for Average Joes and Janes across America thanks in large part to Bidenomics, many of them should still (and likely will) appreciate being diverted at least momentarily from their current worries with a little bit of holiday week humor, whether it comes in a conventional form or an unconventional and not so intentional form.

This brings me to a tweet posted by the perpetually angry so-called “feminists” who form the radically pro-abortion “Women’s March” group. Like similar organizations, they periodically send out email requests soliciting donations from subscribers to keep their campaign going (and to handsomely line the pockets of their senior leadership, no doubt).

Apparently, though, they ran into trouble from some of their fauxfended supporters who reportedly received a donation email noting that $14.92 (the same year that evil man Christopher Columbus did his thing) was their average donation amount for the week.


The outrage was evidently so widespread that they took to the Twitter machine earlier today to profusely apologize for how it triggered some of their loyal followers (screengrab of tweet saved here just in case they delete it):

Sen. Ted Crux (R-Texas) was one of the many who responded accordingly:

It goes without saying that the tweet comes at the perfect time of the year, just in time to flash to any annoying liberal friends or family members who decide that the appropriate time to “go woke” is at the Thanksgiving dinner table:


Yours truly wholeheartedly endorses that suggestion.

Though the statues of Christopher Columbus are being ripped down in Democrat-run cities in certain parts of the country, and with Columbus Day also being renamed in those same cities to “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” conservatives can at least take heart in knowing that on this day, November 23, 2021, was the day the “Women’s March” gang posted a legendary 1492 tweet that will live on in infamy and can’t be canceled, torn down, or vandalized out of existence. Because, as they say, the Internet is forever…

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