Eric Swalwell Learns the Hard Way That Trolling Ric Grenell is Not a Very Good Idea

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At this point, it should be well-established that Richard Grenell is not someone to be trifled with nor trolled.

Unfortunately (for him), Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) had to learn this lesson the hard way during a contentious back and forth exchange that occurred over the weekend.


Grenell, who was an acting Director of National Intelligence under former President Trump, took issue Sunday with the fact that Face the Nation’s John Dickerson did not mention Vice President Kamala Harris’ tone-deaf Memorial Day weekend tweet in his commentary about Memorial Day, though Dickerson did make sure to take the time to mention a speech President Biden gave Friday about the sacrifices made by the men and women of the U.S. military:

Grenell took to the Twitter machine after the segment and called out Dickerson for failing to mention it, wondering if maybe “the ruling party” told him not to mention it:

It was then that Swalwell, who in 2020 was outed for being an all-too-eager and willing dupe for a female Chinese spy with all the, ahem, “benefits” that come with them, thought he’d troll Grenell with the fake news Atlantic story from last year about Trump allegedly calling dead American soldiers “suckers and losers”:


Later, he bizarrely (maybe drunkly?) cc’d Grenell on a Fox News story about 2021 Memorial Day weekend cocktail trends, as though that further “proved” his non-existent “point”:

Grenell was having none of that whatsoever, and responded accordingly by referencing le affaire de Fang Fang:

Not only that, but Grenell also retweeted this tweet revisiting the issue of voting to strip Swalwell of his committee assignments in light of his relationship with the Chinese honey trap:

Swalwell stopped badgering Grenell after the references to Fang Fang were made, for some strange reason, running away from the conversation like the scared little punk he is.


But back to the Atlantic story, that Swalwell continues to push it despite irrefutable proof that the supposed “losers and suckers” comments were never uttered just further goes to show how for Democrats, there is no lie too big for them to use against their political opposition. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised about any of this coming from Swalwell, considering he was one of the lead pushers of the Russia/Trump collusion hoax nonsense for four years. Misinformation is his specialty, right next to selling out his country.

Still, it’s worth calling them out all the same, because it never gets old exposing political weasels like Swalwell for what they truly are.

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