New Information Indicates Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Lying About Breaking Ties With Chinese Honeytrap

New Information Indicates Democrat Eric Swalwell Is Lying About Breaking Ties With Chinese Honeytrap
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The hot news today has been Eric Swalwell.

As part of what seems to be a fairly extensive counterintelligence investigation into the degree to which Chinese intelligence has acquired influence in US politics, it appears that they’ve discovered that the California branch of the Democrat party could easily be mistaken for a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese government. In my recent post, Jim Sciutto Gives Eric Swalwell a Tongue Bath (NTTAWWT) Instead of Holding Him Accountable for His Compromise by Chinese Intelligence, I detail how Dianne Feinstein kept a Chinese intelligence agent on her personal staff for over 20 years. READ: How the FBI Let a Chinese Spy Skate to Protect This Powerful Democrat. I also link to our post about senior Chinese officials feeling so comfortable and confident about their penetration of the Democrat Party that they actually bragged about their influence and their ability to shape American policy toward China; see Chinese Academic Bragging About Influence in Washington Proves Why Tech Censorship Is A National Security Threat. And then there are the stories on Swalwell’s troubles:

READ: Sources Say Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy, He Continues to Not Deny It.

READ: Tucker Carlson Rips Swalwell a New One for Accusing Trump of Being a Russian Agent; After HIS ‘Indiscretion’ With a Chinese Spy

READ LOL: The Wahmbulance Is Called After Oliver Darcy Melts Down Over Fox’s Coverage of Swalwell Story.

READ: Guess Who Eric Swalwell Is Blaming For His Chinese Spy Fiasco?

Swalwell’s defense, as he lays out during the luxurious tongue-bath CNN’s Jim Sciutto offered up, is that he’s had nothing to do with her since she fled back to China in 2015 and, being the patriotic, red-blooded American that he is, Swalwell claims that he has fully cooperated with the FBI and his cooperation was destroyed by the Trump administration who leaked the story of him banging a Chinese spy to the media out of revenge for his key roll in the impeachment fiasco. Or something like that. Swalwell isn’t really smart enough to sound coherent even under the best of circumstances.

That, however, may or may not bet the truth.

This seems to really throw a wrench in the finely tuned cogs of Swalwell’s defense.

If he only met her a few insignificant times, why did his brother and father know her well enough to become Facebook friends with her with a lot more activity than one has with someone you’ve randomly “friended?” And his father was in contact with her as late as 2019. It wasn’t because she was so smoking hot that they couldn’t forget her.

This is not casual friend behavior. However, it is the behavior of someone keeping up with someone he thought his son might eventually marry.

Given Swalwell’s story about being warned by the FBI, then what are we to make of the fact that the same woman was in contact with another California congressman who, it seems, didn’t take any action at all when the FBI briefed him. And if the FBI didn’t brief him, we have to ask why that was the case. Did they only brief guys she was banging? Or is Swalwell lying about the FBI briefing because he knows the FBI won’t confirm or deny those events?

And then there is the issue of whether Swalwell even cut ties with his honeypot. How do we know that the lines of communication open between Fang (I love that for the name of a honeypot, if I ever write a spy thriller, I will use it) and Swalwell’s family were not used by Fang to receive information and to give instructions?

All in all, it is looking like Swalwell is not only an amoral and loathsome creature, but he’s deeply compromised, he’s flailing about trying to construct a defense that will be plausible, and he should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee immediately.




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