FBI Reportedly Confirms Rep. Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship With Chinese Spy, Donald Trump Jr. Responds

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Last week, a story dropped that should have rocked Capitol Hill, and it would have if it involved any Republican all the way down to dog catcher. Axios published a report detailing the adventures of a woman named Christine Fang, now known to be a Chinese spy. She ingratiated herself with several different politicians, chief among them being Rep. Eric Swalwell, a notorious Russian collusion truther.

Among the revelations of the report was that Fang engaged in numerous sexual relationships in order to gain influence. At the time, Swalwell slyly avoided denying that he was one of the people she hooked in that capacity, instead sticking to his claim that he had no direct knowledge of her activities. Now, a source is telling The Federalist that the FBI briefed Congressional members on the matter and that they confirmed Swalwell did have a sexual relationship with Fang.

This seems like it should be a bigger deal. To the extent that we haven’t had confirmation until now of this, Swalwell’s other known interactions with Fang alone should have been enough to force his ouster from the House Intelligence Committee. Instead, Democrat leadership have circled the wagons, claiming they still have confidence in him and that there is no national security risk. On the contrary, I’m pretty sure a Congressional member sleeping with a Chinese spy is a pretty big national security risk.

All of this leads to even more questions. Just how aware was Swalwell of Fang’s activities? Did he really think this random Chinese political activist just had a thing for him and his campaign? The red flags should have been obvious from the beginning, and Swalwell either didn’t take heed, or worse, he actively participated in helping give political access to the CCP. Either one should disqualify him from serving on the Intel Committee, and voters in his district should think long and hard about disqualifying him from office altogether the next go-around.

Meanwhile, the same media that spent four years hyperventilating about non-existent Russian collusion can’t find the stomach to even cover this story. Several days after it first broke, something like a total of four minutes had been spent on it, with the majority of mainstream networks ignoring it completely.

Donald Trump Jr. noticed the disparity.

This is correct. If this involved a Republican, it would be the biggest story of the last year. This isn’t some little issue. It’s a Chinese spy sleeping with a Congressional Democrat. But because Swalwell has the right letter next to his name, all of this is being swept under the rug. We have to hope the FBI isn’t so easily deterred. The American people deserve to know the truth, and not just through a source. This should be publicly announced.

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