Ric Grenell Savages Critics of His Exchange With Jim Acosta on the Capitol Riots

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One thing you learn very quickly about Richard Grenell is that he is not a man to play games, especially when it comes to anyone who deliberately misrepresents things he’s said or done or that happened (or did not happen) in the Trump administration.


A number of his left-wing critics found that out the hard way (again) earlier today after Grenell, an acting Director of National Intelligence under former President Trump, appeared on Jim Acosta’s program to discuss the Senate GOP filibustering the formation of a supposedly “bipartisan” commission to study the Capitol riots Friday.

As per the norm, Acosta’s mission was to make Grenell look like he didn’t care about what happened on January 6th simply because he opposes the creation of the “commission.” As you’ll see during the exchange below, the performative CNN “journalist” interrupted Grenell in the middle of his answer on whether or not there should be a Capitol riots commission, when Grenell referred to to what happened as a “bad riot.”


The discerning viewer will note that Grenell was not dismissive of the riots but also wanted to point out that we had a lot of riots last year (the Antifa/BLM-led riots) that the media seems oddly incurious about reporting on, despite the devastation they achieved in Democrat-run cities like Portland and Seattle, where federal courthouses and entire city blocks were under attack and at various points occupied for days and weeks at a time by violent rioters.


But that’s not how Grenell’s detractors viewed his comments. Travis Akers, a left-wing activist, journalist, and former Navy intelligence officer chose to mislead his readers by pretending that Grenell was trying to downplay what happened:

Akers especially took issue with the fact that Grenell apparently didn’t view the Capitol riots to be “the biggest domestic attack on the American government since the Civil War”:

Grenell was having none of Akers’ games whatsoever, and pushed back on his misrepresentation of what he said:


Akers then tried to feign innocence:

But Grenell called him out as a classic example of a partisan hack who enjoys spreading misinformation to stir up the masses:

Grenell was also met with other predictably similar attacks from the Usual Suspects, including some who called him “un-American,” but he again did not let their comments slide:


Apparently, it’s not enough to condemn the Capitol riots. You must also agree that they were “the biggest domestic attack on the American government since the Civil War” or you are a traitor to your country.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I find treating well-intentioned people like human garbage simply because they have legitimate differences in opinion with another person about politics to be a pretty serious attack on America as well, although obviously not a violent one. But maybe that’s just me.

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