Ric Grenell Turns Tables on Media in Must-Read Thread on Their 2020 Election Interference

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For four years solid, the mainstream media pushed one Democrat-driven “scandal” after another about President Trump, most of which ended up being either fake news or wildly overblown. Chief among them was a seemingly endless supply of anonymously sourced “reports” that supposedly “confirmed” President Trump and Russia “colluded” to steal the 2016 presidential election.


The allegations were the basis of a sweeping investigation into claims of 2016 election interference, an investigation that ultimately caused much heartbreak for the Democrats who predicted it would confirm some of their worst suspicions about Trump.

The media’s repeated attempts at making various false allegations appear true led to the widespread belief among conservatives that the press itself played a substantial role in trying to interfere in the 2020 election in an effort to help Joe Biden defeat Trump.

The news this week on how the story of how Russia placed bounties on American servicemen and women in Afghanistan has fallen apart further lent credence to such claims about the media. And some of those same conservatives are now bringing receipts to the table to prove the point.

One of the more prominent ones to do so is former acting DNI Richard Grenell, who himself is no stranger to being on the receiving end of media smear campaigns and gotcha attempts.

In light of the Russia bounties story collapsing – and along with it the bogus narrative that “Trump knew” and did nothing – Grenell took to the Twitter machine to light into reporters, media outlets, and Democrats who spread the fake news at the time. Where are their mea culpas? He wondered:


Don’t hold your breath. As I’ve said many times before, the mainstream media – in particular, the D.C. press corps – do not care one bit if what’s left of their tattered reputations get shattered all to hell, as long as they can keep the flames burning on a fake narrative long enough to help out a Democrat. It’s just who they are, and no amount of criticism, no matter how sustained, from the right will ever change that.

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