AP 'Fact Checks' Biden Bike Meme as New Info About Fall Comes to Light

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Over the past couple of days, there have been a lot of reactions to Joe Biden falling over on his bike.

But one of the things that I wrote about was how the liberal media immediately treated the fall as something that “happens all the time.” Now that’s not the attitude they took when it came to President Donald Trump, when even his cautiously walking down a slippery ramp and not falling earned criticism and a story about what it “matters.”


Some mocked this reaction from the media.

But the AP fact-checked that last meme, which is more than a little hilarious. That’s what they think demands fact-checking. Not Joe Biden lying about an appointment to the Naval Academy, being a truck driver, or any of his boatload of lies — those don’t deserve checking, but a meme that randos made on the internet does.

Of course, the reason that people might believe that meme is because it sounds just like other real articles that The Atlantic and other liberal media have put out about Biden, as conservatives pointed out in tweets to the AP.


And yes, that’s real, it referenced a story about how Biden used to swim naked in front of Secret Service including women when he was Vice President.

But now there’s more to the story — and maybe when we’re talking about “fact checks” as to why Biden fell, they may want to add a coda to it. As I noted the other day, “He seems to be concentrated on meeting the people, rather than properly stopping the bike and getting off cleanly.” I also wondered why Jill Biden turned off to the right and kept going, yet Joe stopped. As it turns out, there was a little girl in the crowd there. Joe pulled up right in front of her on the bike, then fell over, but when he got up, he went right over to talk to her.

You can see the little girl in this picture.


So that’s likely why he got his foot stuck in the toe cage because he wasn’t concentrating on getting out of it safely. Will the AP add that part into their fact check?


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