Biden's Embarrassing Moments at NATO Summit With Zelensky, Snotty Remark to Reporter

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden is in Europe this week. He was first in the U.K., where he had to be led around by King Charles. He then went to Lithuania, where he showed a ton of hypocrisy with his 30+ car gas-guzzling motorcade after bellyaching about climate change. He was also led around and even physically moved into place by the Lithuanian President.


But then Biden had to interact with the other leaders at the Summit. He couldn’t even fully do that, ducking out of an important dinner with the others and going straight to his hotel. The White House’s explanation just didn’t cut it. They claimed on Tuesday he had “four full days of official business” and was preparing for a big speech on Wednesday. Except that wasn’t even close to being true, since he just spent the weekend lounging around at the beach in Delaware. Unless they consider that “official business” for Joe Biden. It looks like they’re limiting contact where they can.

But Biden couldn’t delay interacting with the other leaders forever, and once he did, there were problems.

As we reported, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky attacked Biden’s stance on Ukraine’s NATO membership, and then the White House essentially brushed him back as “ungrateful.”

The interactions that involved Zelensky and Biden at the summit were highly embarrassing. Watch as the other leaders all reach around Biden to shake hands with Zelensky — he’s like the pole they’re ignoring in the middle.

When it came time for Biden to have to say something, he got Zelensky’s name wrong, calling him “Vladimir.”


He then said he perhaps should not be so familiar, not even realizing that he got the name wrong anyway.

Then it was time for “Vladimir” to take on the role of caretaker/Joe Biden handler, telling Biden they had to go and pointing him in the right direction.

Then came some of the problematic comments. I’m sure Biden doesn’t even get what he makes people think about his family’s foreign business dealings scandal when he makes the following remark.

“It’s easy for me, just mostly I’ve been in and out of Ukraine a lot before the war, and some [since] the war…” That’s one way to put it.

He bragged to Zelensky about how much the U.S. has given Ukraine, more than the other countries combined, Biden said.

But when the reporters started asking questions, that’s when the “Old Yeller” personality came out of Joe Biden, and he took a snotty shot at one of the reporters. They’re not going to let Ukraine into NATO while the war is going on because that would be folly. NATO would then be required to defend Ukraine and send troops. But a reporter asked Zelensky how soon after the war is over would you like to join NATO.


Biden responded for Zelensky, “An hour and twenty minutes. You guys ask really insightful questions.” What a way to treat the press like dirt.

He then said the press should leave.

Unfortunately, he’s scheduled to deliver more remarks in that “important speech” later, and then he flies out to Helsinki, Finland, where we can report on who will assume the role of his caretaker there.


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