Media Is Already Trying to 'Sandbag' Us With Spin on Joe Biden's Fall

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As we reported earlier, Joe Biden did not have a good day at the Air Force commencement.

He got confused trying to figure out where he had to go, multiple times during the event, and he told some shameful falsehoods to people he will soon allegedly command. He also took a pretty big fall, as he greeted the Air Force cadets during the ceremony.


Fortunately, Biden seemed to be okay, but he was slow getting up; initially, he couldn’t. He needed help from the Secret Service to get back up. Then he pointed at something. The White House is saying he’s okay (because what else would they say?).

White House Communications Director Ben LeBolt pointed to a sandbag that was on the stage as the culprit.

It’s a good thing that he’s okay because it looked like a nasty fall. But it just raises the question, once again, of whether he should be retired and not in this position—when he can’t find his way around, trips over things, and can’t even be honest with the graduating cadets.

How many times has he fallen at this point? Several times, starting in March 2021, when he fell climbing the stairs to Air Force One multiple times. He also took a hard fall off his bike when he stopped suddenly to talk to a little girl. He fell going up the stairs to his plane again, returning from Poland in February. Most recently, he almost fell down the stairs in Japan when — for a moment — Jill wasn’t there and operating as his handler. But instead, this is the guy who the Democrats will likely nominate in 2024. What a scary thought.


Now, you may recall how we got a ton of coverage about how former President Donald Trump taking some short steps down a slippery ramp was somehow an indication that he wasn’t fit. Remember how we were told it matters with Trump?

Yet, we know we’re not going to see that reaction from the media to Biden’s real fall or the fact that he gives us reason every day to know that he isn’t fit. Indeed, the spin is already underway.

Now, we get “recovers quickly” from Reuters.

If you ignore the needing help to get up part, and why he didn’t see the sandbag. Or all the other things about the event, and his speech, that show he’s unfit.

Eh, he’s okay, said the CNN Democratic stenographers, no big thing.

How dare we be concerned about it or write about it, NBC’s Ben Collins exclaims.


They were doing all they could to “sandbag” us when they were spreading bull about Trump’s health regarding the ramp walk. And they’re doing all they can now to downplay this with Biden, as well as ignoring or downplaying the other things that show that he is unfit.

If this wasn’t a joke, I would think this was a real liberal media take because it sounds like something they would do to spin away all Biden’s issues.


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