WATCH: Biden Official Explains Why Inflation Spike Means It's Important to Spend Even More

I wrote earlier on the utter cluelessness of the Biden team when it comes to the economy.

We saw White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Monday trying to soften the blow of the coming CPI number, which turned out to be an awful 9.1 percent, again the largest increase in more than 40 years. Looking back at a tweet from White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain just over a year ago, he was claiming then that inflation was going to be transitory, and the prediction was that it would be 2.1 in 2022. How’s that looking now, Ron? That was a tweet that didn’t age well. Transitory = more than a year, and who knows how long.


But if it wasn’t bad enough, trust in the Biden team to know just what to do to make it even worse.

At this point, if we look at what Biden’s National Economic Council Director Brian Deese just said on CNBC, one has to think that they are purposely trying to tank the country because no one can be as stupid as this Administration is proving themselves to be.

“How long are we going to keep saying this is the worst of it,” the CNBC interviewer asked Deese. Deese tried to spin the report as backward-looking, as Jean-Pierre had done two days before, trying to argue that gas prices had dropped. But then he followed it up with an incredible response: Let’s spend more! He said this report showed that there was “more urgency than ever” to try to pass bills in Congress to spend more.

Sure, let’s stoke that inflation and make it higher. We haven’t crushed enough people yet and destroyed everything. Does the Biden team not even understand the most basic things about what causes inflation?


Even the media wasn’t buying this hot take from Deese, saying that his response was circular reasoning and wouldn’t the extra spending cause more inflation?

Deese said that they needed to increase the supply of semiconductors. Funny how they don’t have this same take on increasing the supply of oil–which they could do not by spending more, but just by taking their foot off the neck of the energy industry.

We’ve seen how wrong Deese has been on any number of occasions now, including saying back in September 2021 that inflation wasn’t that bad — if you didn’t count the cost of meat (you know, that thing most people eat). But perhaps nothing summed it up more than what happened when he was being questioned by CNN’s Jake Tapper in June. It was the Biden team’s approach to the economy all wrapped up in one symbolic video.

But let’s not forget that Deese explained to us what it was all about — the “liberal world order.”



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