Ron Klain Tweet on Inflation Shows Utter Cluelessness of the Biden Team

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

It’s a frustrating thing to see the country in the grasp of people who either don’t have the first clue about what is going on with the economy or who seem to want to run the country right into the ground.


On Wednesday, we hit incredible inflation numbers for June with a CPI of 9.1, up 1.3 percent, an even bigger jump than the prior month, and once again, the largest annual increase in more than forty years, going back to 1981.

We knew it was going to be bad when even White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was trying to soften the blow and warning on Monday that it was going to be “highly elevated.” She did her best to spin it, claiming that the number was already “outdated.” But at this point, who believes anything that the Biden team is saying anymore on anything? They can’t even admit the truth about polling numbers and Joe Biden has fits when confronted with them.

But I wanted to point out just how out of touch/full of malarkey they are with a little comparison to something that White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain claimed in June of 2021, so just over a year ago. Remember at the start of the inflation spiral last year when they claimed it was going to be “transitory”? How many years is “transitory” after you guys destroy the economy, Ron?


There’s wrong. Then there’s Ron Klain-level wrong, which is roughly equivalent to Paul Krugman/Jennifer Rubin-level wrong.

Where’s the 2.1, Ron? What happened to that? This shows just how clueless they were then and even after a year of inflation, how clueless they still are.

Just a reminder of where we were before we went over the cliff of Bidenflation.

What I’m hearing more and more from regular people in life and on social media boils down to a simple point.

Whatever people thought about President Donald Trump, the economy was so much better under him than under Joe Biden. These are the folks who have to deal with the crushing inflation and who can tell how much more it’s taking out of their wallets under Biden than under Trump. When they hear things like what the Biden team says, they just think they don’t know what is going on and/or they don’t care.

That’s the point that people are going to carry into the voting booth in November. It’s a point they aren’t soon going to forget.


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