Biden Adviser's Comment Downplaying Rising Food Prices Raises a Lot of Eyebrows

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One of the things that Joe Biden really doesn’t want to talk about is the rising inflation that’s been hitting folks in their pocketbooks.

It’s hit everything from rising gas prices to rising food prices. It’s also one of the things that are contributing to sinking Biden in the polls and that has him deeply underwater, along with the Afghanistan debacle. In the middle of last month, while Americans laid some of the blame for inflation on the pandemic, 79% also blamed Biden’s government policies for the spike and 86% of Americans were concerned with inflation. Both were pretty huge numbers showing how much of a problem that issue is for him.


So the Biden team is trying to do what they can to downplay concerns about the problem.

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese raised some eyebrows with his remarks toward that end.

“About half of the overall increase in grocery prices can be attributed to a significant increase in prices in three products – in beef, in pork, and in poultry. And in beef and in pork, we’ve seen double-digit increases in prices over the last couple of months,” Deese said. “If you take out those three categories, we’ve actually seen price increases that are more in line with historical norms.”

Oh. So food prices are okay – as long as you don’t eat any meat! D’oh. Is this their way of suggesting we should all be vegetarians and meet their climate change goals because of evil meat? Not even sure that vegetarians are going to buy this one because of course, it isn’t just beef, pork, and poultry as anyone who has visited a grocery store knows.

But that really is some comment, isn’t it? It’s really all okay – as long as you don’t count the things that aren’t okay. That’s the Biden Administration in miniature right there. They’ve avoided talking about it and now, when they do, they throw out this incredibly unbelievable spin to justify their failures. That’s the way they treated Afghanistan too. It was an “extraordinary success” – except for the dead and stranded Americans, plus all the people we had an obligation to who we left behind and the billions in American weaponry that fell into the hands of the Taliban. Oh, and that whole terrorist state thing.


How do the Democrats want to deal with inflation? Spend trillions more.

Americans gave Deese and Biden a tongue-lashing for this clueless comment, as well as the Biden team’s ignorance and failure to deal with the subject.


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