June Inflation Numbers Smash Expectations, Drawing Obscenities and Proclamations of Doom

The latest consumer price inflation numbers are out, smashing “expert” expectations to clock in with a topline increase of 9.1 percent year over year. That represented a large increase over May’s 8.6 percent, once again rebuking the White House’s assertion that inflation is set to plateau and recede.


Energy products led the way while big price hikes in food products and travel costs also added to the chaos. Milk is up 16 percent compared to this time last year while eggs, a product that nearly everyone buys, rose by 33 percent.

The devastating report drew reactions that varied from obscenities to proclamations of doom.

The sky-high inflation numbers also mean lower real wages. While the Biden administration has tried to brag about wage growth under its watch, the reality is that people are poorer today than when the current president took office because inflation is destroying their buying power.


The worst part about this news is that there’s no end in sight. Gas prices pulling back might help some, but core inflation shows no signs of slowing down. Democrat governance has once again produced an economy that crushes the very people they claim to care about. That’s a lesson that should be remembered in future elections.


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