Biden Finally Answers Question About CCP-Related Payout, It Doesn't Go Well

Joe Biden is asked about his family dealings on South Lawn. (Credit: Iris Tao/Twitter)

As we reported this week, the head of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced that they had bank documents showing that the Biden family had received more than a million dollars from a CCP-related energy company in March 2017, through a Hunter Biden associate’s account, two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency. That money was distributed to companies associated with Jim Biden (Joe Biden’s brother), Hunter Biden (Joe Biden’s son), Hallie Biden (widow of Beau Biden and former girlfriend of Hunter Biden), as well as to an unnamed “Biden” account.


That’s a pretty significant evidence drop and, as Comer said, the big question is this: What did the Chinese get or what were they getting for this large amount of money?

It naturally raises all kinds of questions about Biden being potentially compromised and even if he got some of that money. Comer also said that this was just one wire and they had many more records yet to go through.

So perhaps that’s another reason his handlers wouldn’t let Joe Biden take any questions on Friday when he was meeting with the Irish prime minister, despite the White House reporters pitching a fit on Thursday that he wasn’t answering questions and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre saying they might have an opportunity to question him.

But one reporter managed to get lucky as Joe Biden left on Friday for more of his perpetual vacation in Delaware. The reporter managed to get the question in as Biden was heading out. Biden’s response revealed just how out of it he was, he didn’t even seem to understand what the reporter was talking about. The reporter asks him about the House GOP memo about “his family dealings.” Biden repeated “my family dealings,” not getting it. Then the reporter explained the memo that showed that a Hunter Biden business associate had sent over a million dollars to Biden family members.


“That’s not true,” Biden claimed, despite the evidence that it was true. He’s saying that even in the face of the bank records, not even trying to explain them, simply denying their reality.

That’s where he’s at, at this point. It’s like his lie when he said he never spoke with his son or his brother about their business dealings, yet there were all kinds of pictures and evidence that Joe Biden met with Hunter Biden’s business associates including while he was vice president and even in his vice presidential office.

That’s how much Joe Biden’s word is worth. Nothing. It’s a lie, he’s been lying for years, and now the lies are starting to collapse around him.

But if Biden never spoke to Hunter or his brother about the business, as he claims, how would he know whether what the reporter was asking him on Friday was true or not? Catch 22. Now his lies are contradicting each other.


Then, when Biden turned away from the reporters and headed out to the helicopter to go off to his vacation in Delaware yet again from his part-time job, he appeared completely out of it, walking like he was 100 years old. It looks like things are deteriorating even more.

The evidence is going to keep coming and he’s not going to be able to stop it or call it “Russian disinformation” this time.


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