MOTR, Ep. 35: Remember Joe Biden's Armageddon Warning? He Sure Doesn't

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Much attention in recent months has focused on the very strange things Joe Biden says and does — shaking hands with invisible people, mumbling to himself in public, looking for a dead congresswoman at a memorial service, calling Kamala Harris the president.

But what struck me recently was something he didn’t do. He was addressing a crowd of donors, as presidents often do, for ridiculous sums of money.

In the middle of his remarks, the commander-in-chief casually dropped in an apocalyptic warning that we have never been so close to a nuclear holocaust in 60 years.

Wait! What?

Do you know what he said about that later?

Here’s my take on that:

In an unusual move, RedState editors moved this week’s VIP column outside the paywall as part of a special 45 percent off VIP promotion with the discount code SAVEAMERICA. I’m glad they did because so many new readers (and friends) tuned in and commented.

Here is the column.

My most recent audio commentary was on the stunning, at least to me, revelation that the Biden administration was actively conspiring with social media to censor our posts and those of other conservative sites deemed critical of the Democrat.

You may have heard a little something just about everywhere about Donald Trump trying for the White House again, one of only three men to try three times in United States history. Here’s one of the best takes I’ve read by my good friend, Kira Davis. I highly recommend reading it.

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