MOTR Ep. 31: It's Time — Actually Past Time — to Discuss Removing Joe Biden


Joe Biden’s said and done a rapidly-growing list of strange things since taking office.

I’m not talking this time about strange policy moves like throttling American energy production because fossil fuels are bad, then begging the Saudis and OPEC to produce more of their own bad fossil fuels.

The most outrageous thing he’s done recently is trying to steal the valor of American service members who deployed to and supported our most recent foreign conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This week he boldly told a Colorado audience that his son Beau had died while serving in the U.S. military in Iraq. His son was not a combat infantryman. He was a lawyer in the Army’s Judge Advocate General’s office.

And this wasn’t another unverifiable family fable that Biden tosses out in vain attempts to feign folksy humanity with audience members he clearly thinks are both gullible and dim.

This was another bald-faced lie. His lawyer son didn’t die in Iraq. He died in a Houston hospital bed of cancer, a sad event that was copiously reported by sympathetic media in 2015.

And later re-reported by media when Joe Biden listed it as the reason he simply could not run for president in 2016, though no one had been begging him to. Any even semi-informed American adult knows the story. Biden has told it numerous times without being asked.

Joe Biden even launched a foundation to raise money from it and employ associates with handsome salaries in the battle to end cancer without really spending much on research to actually end cancer.

Yes, sure, it’s a dishonorable thing to lie. A lot of that goes around in the D.C. political and media Swamp, despite its ongoing mask mandates. But it’s a dishonorable, blatantly stupid thing to lie when you know everyone listening knows you’re lying.

Who does that if they’re mentally stable?

Forget for a moment the ongoing claim that Joe Biden wasn’t really elected president in 2020.

The real issue I argue in this week’s commentary is, Should Joe Biden stay elected president in 2022, given the staggering mountain of visible, verifiable evidence that his mind is simply not all there?

What there was of it to begin with.

I spent some time behind-the-scenes with Muhammad Ali years ago. He was quite naked at the time. My account.

As forewarned by Barack Obama, Joe Biden has managed to screw up quite a few things during these interminable first 90 weeks of his last term.

Changing our national policy on nuclear war to remove the threat of nuclear retaliation to an aggressor is likely the most dangerous yet because Russia’s Vladimir Putin is doing his own screwing up of European diplomacy with his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

He’s flailing and failing badly and has taken to threatening the use of nuclear weapons.

I examined the ominous situation in this week’s column.

And, as usual, my colleague Streiff explains the latest nuances of that ongoing bloody struggle, including the stunning attack on the only bridge to Crimea.

Voting for the 2022 midterm elections has already started in many places as have TV debates. These rhetorical confrontations with dubious connections to candidates’ capabilities to perform elected duties have totally changed the nature of American politics.

I explain how here in the most recent audio commentary, No. 30.


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