Looks Like What Biden Admin Said About Blocking Chinese Balloon From Collecting Intel Was a Bunch of Malarkey

Joe Biden and his administration lie as they breathe.

Unfortunately, you can’t trust what they say about virtually anything and you also can’t trust whether they would put the interests of the country first.


Remember when they told us that they had been able to block China from collecting intelligence, and had turned the tables on them? Looks like that was just a bunch of malarkey, as we figured at the time. It’s shameful that when it comes to situations involving the safety of our nation and national security we would get lies like this.

The balloon gathered intelligence from several sensitive military sites, according to a new NBC report.

And it gets worse.

The spy balloon made multiple passes over some key locations and was able to send Beijing the information it gathered instantaneously, two current and one former senior US administration official told NBC News.

While soaring through the sky, the balloon was able to collect intelligence from electronic signals.

Such intelligence may have included weapons systems or communications from base personnel.

I’d say that sounds pretty important breach. Especially if the three people feel like they have to leak it to the news, likely because they know if they didn’t we would never be told.

But here’s what the Biden administration told us at the time.

Joe Biden even downplayed it saying it was “not a major breach,” as I reported.


“Look, the total amount of intelligence gathering that’s going on by every country around the world is overwhelming,” Biden said. “The idea that a balloon could traverse — break American airspace — is uh…,” Biden couldn’t even finish what he was trying to say, perhaps because it was so preposterous. “Anyway, It’s not a major breach.”

So Biden was essentially saying, “Eh, everyone spies.” Imagine someone who is supposed to be responsible for the defense of our nation reacting that way.

Their response to this report? The National Security Council referred NBC to the Defense Department which referred them to their comments in February that there was “limited additive value” to intelligence collection over and above what they can get through satellites.

Sure, guys, that’s why the three officials are leaking this report to us. They don’t appear to agree with you. And once you’ve lied, it’s pretty hard to believe anything you have to say anymore.

What’s worse is that they had ample time to shoot the balloon down before it got over the continental United States, but they didn’t take the shot, and they lied about that too. They could have prevented all of this. As I wrote back on February 14, CBS reported that the Biden administration had been tracking the balloon for at least a week before it entered American airspace, so they had ample time to shoot it down.


The Biden team has claimed that they first learned about it on Jan. 28, when it was near Alaska and that’s still what you’ll see in a lot of reports.

Then, their story evolved: first saying they didn’t have time to take a shot over Alaskan waters. Then NORAD Commander Glen VanHerck said he couldn’t take the shot because it wasn’t demonstrating “hostile intent.” Which was it?

At this point, we need some more answers about what was going on here. What’s said, as I said, is that we can’t trust the people we have in leadership because they’ve lied to us again and again. Given the Biden family’s connections to the Chinese now we also have to worry about something we never would have dreamed we’d have to worry about before from someone in the highest position in the country. But truthfully, if he were compromised what more would he have done to injure this nation?


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