In America, No One Is Above the Law, Except the Democrats Who Are

Alex Brandon

In America, no one is above the law.

Except those who are, a whole bunch of connected folks on the left.

Trouble is the people in a position to do something about that ongoing outrage – namely Democrats handed a narrow control of Washington by 2020 voters — are the ones who benefit from having it.

So, nothing changes.

Hope flickers in the political winds that November’s midterm elections in just 86 days will produce the installation of Republican majorities in Congress to change that and at least paralyze Joe Biden’s inflationary progressive agenda, tax increases, and a spending spree that’s already passed $6 trillion. No small achievement.

However, recent history suggests the basic D.C. justice problem will not get fixed just because there’s a shift change of train crews. That’s because the inhabitants of the Swamp, as Donald Trump called that former Maryland swamp, have a silent bipartisan understanding to take care of each other and preserve their possession of power.

Trump’s vow to drain the Swamp on both sides in 2016 inspired just enough angry, frustrated voters in just the right places to place him in a position to start that process. But seditious leaks, fictitious rumors, and his own frailties plugged the drain.

The scandalous Russiagate scandal was invented by Hillary Clinton’s campaign to destroy Trump’s election chances and ability to govern. It was fed to a complicit FBI whose partisan agents leaked salacious and fictitious details to an eager media involving prostitutes and shadowy Russian figures exerting influence over an American chief executive.

A special prosecutor spent millions of dollars and nearly two years and could “not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it, conspired or coordinated with the Russian government.”

What were the consequences for Hillary Clinton and her Democrat operatives who concocted the insidious fake charges? Nothing.

What about the notorious laptop of Hunter Biden, son of a Democrat president, that contains gigabytes of selfies with prostitutes, under drug use with details on his extensive and lucrative international influence peddling operations and email exchanges with his father using code names? Former Hunter business associates said he was paying large sums to his father, then vice president.

A special federal prosecutor in Delaware, appointed by Trump, is reportedly investigating. But media reports say he’s following a rigid Justice Department policy not to bring charges close to an election. That policy, however, wasn’t so rigid in 2018 when it didn’t stop Justice officials from charging Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and GOP Rep. Chris Collins close to those midterms.

Another wrinkle that’s a challenge to reconcile is neither Hunter Biden nor his father are up for any election this year. So, why any concern about an election’s proximity?

Most of us recall 2012 and that shameful, bloody 9/11 night in Benghazi when Barack Obama’s Democrat administration ignored warnings and permitted terrorist thugs to overrun the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and murder four Americans.

Despite opposition from Ambassador Chris Stevens, Secretary of State Clinton had reduced security there. Although a mob had stormed the U.S. Embassy in Cairo that day, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta made no arrangements for reinforcements or rescue in the region. So, Benghazi’s pleas for help went unanswered.

Clinton was in charge that night. She talked with Obama at 5 p.m. He then disappeared for 15 hours with no subsequent explanation of his absence during the deadly night.

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was dispatched to all five Sunday shows where she falsely blamed the Benghazi assault on an obscure, anti-Muslim YouTube video.

The consequences for Rice blatantly misleading millions of Americans: She is now director of Joe Biden’s Domestic Policy Council.

An official Accountability Review Board including Admiral Mike Mullen examined the incident. He interviewed more than 100 people and reviewed documents helpfully selected by Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff. But inexplicably he failed to interview Clinton herself.

Its report three months later criticized “grossly” inadequate security and “systemic” department failures but found no one at fault for the deaths of four Americans.


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Later, the Republican-controlled House launched a half-dozen committee investigations highlighted by months of confrontational hearings under the gavel of Oversight Chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy. He produced an 800-page detailed report very critical of that ARB report, the administration, and Clinton’s department.

You may remember who was fired or charged as a result of that widely-condemned, deadly incompetence: No one.

Here’s another shameless name from the past: Lois Lerner. She was in charge of the IRS department reviewing applications for tax-free status.

Probably coincidence, don’t you think, but before and during Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign, dozens of applications from conservative organizations took an extremely long time to process. So long, in fact, that they couldn’t really participate in that campaign.

Obama professed shock at such unfairness. Lerner blamed underlings in a branch office. After months of alleged investigating, the FBI confessed it simply could not find anyone to charge. So, no one was.

Lerner is now a millionaire living on Martha’s Vineyard not far from one of Obama’s oceanfront estates.

Here are two other names you might recall: Eric Holder and Operation Fast and Furious. Holder was an Obama attorney general and the operation was his department’s cockamamie bid to sell guns to straw purchasers so they could be tracked to higher-ups in Mexican drug cartels.

It didn’t work. The weapons ended up killing several people in Mexico and a U.S. Border Patrol agent. When Congress sought operation documents from Holder, he refused and was cited for contempt of Congress. Obama’s Justice Department later decided not to pursue the case against its former head. Holder was never prosecuted.

Steve Bannon was a political adviser to Trump. The Jan. 6 committee subpoenaed him to ask questions about his contacts with Pres. Trump in early 2021.

Bannon did not appear, citing executive privilege over communications with the president. He was cited for contempt of Congress. This contempt citation against a Republican was prosecuted by a Democrat Justice Department.

Last month, a federal jury convicted Bannon on two charges.

There are numerous other examples of Washington’s bifurcated justice system. One final one involves Solyndra, the U.S. solar panel maker that sought funds under Obama’s 2009 economic stimulus package. It was a perfect deal that imploded: Domestic company in California, green energy, 4,000 jobs.

Oh, and its major investor was George Kaiser, an Oklahoma billionaire and Obama campaign bundler controlling Solyndra’s major investors.

Despite private warnings of looming financial problems, the company received a $535 million loan fully guaranteed by the federal government, meaning taxpayers.

To demonstrate his abiding commitment to green energy, Obama even visited the Silicon Valley facility and feigned interest in how Solyndra’s high-cost solar panels work.

Sure enough, not long after, Solyndra collapsed. But don’t worry, Obama’s Energy Department wrote the loan to protect the money of Obama’s fundraiser. But only $27 million of taxpayer funds were recovered.

Four years later, in 2015, an inspector general’s report from the Energy Department found that, indeed, Solyndra had provided inaccurate and misleading information in its loan application.

However, crack investigators for the FBI had already pored over Solyndra’s records and, as with Obama’s IRS scandal, decided they simply could not find enough evidence to prosecute anyone.

It was expensive for Americans, but Obama did get a nice photo op out of it.


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