State University Hosts a Cabaret Showcase for All Students but White Ones

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Can you sing, dance, or act? If so — and if you’re the right sort of major — you can take partake in Arizona State University’s cabaret extravaganza.


Excepted from the opportunity: any students who are white.

Such was the message recently, as the college put together its “The Color of Cabaret” show.

The event was held the last week of January, and its official webpage described the Music Theatre and Opera Student Organization-sponsored offering thusly:

Join current ASU students for the annual Color Cabaret! This entirely student-led cabaret is an opportunity for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) students in the School of Music, Dance and Theatre to create performances that speak to their own experience. Formed through personal connections, friends and colleagues from all over ASU, the creative team is a community of creators of color in all fields of music theater and opera.

It’s an idea in stark contrast to Martin Luther King’s notion of righteousness and rightfulness — a society in which individuals’ color of skin does not define them.

It seems to me we were aimed in that general direction for a few decades. But recently, institutions have decided the whole line of thinking is wrong.

In fact, as we’re told, your skin does indeed determine your identity. And what’s more, some colors just don’t mix. Or, at least, they shouldn’t.

Call it our new progressive palette.

ASU is hardly alone. From college all the way below kindergarten, schools and other organizations are teaching future generations to never fathom colorblindness is okay.


Cases in point:

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We’ve (not) come quite a ways…

In 1963’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, MLK wrote, “[S]egregation is not only politically, economically and sociologically unsound, it is morally wrong and sinful.”

It appears we’re living in sin — if, of course, you agree with Reverend King.

Though he may not subscribe to the concept of “sin,” Bill Maher’s not a fan of America’s new normal:


Among those who feel differently, surely Arizona’s show was a triumph for young adults who feel oppressed — or perhaps annoyed — by “whiteness.”

Still, comparatively, ASU is missing a bit of focus. Harvard’s already there:

Nothing stays the same; ours is a universe in motion. Given our momentum, to quote The Twilight Zone an area some might assert we’re occupying — “There’s a signpost up ahead.”

What does it say?

Whatever word awaits, surely it isn’t “unity.”



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