Report: Red State Spends Millions so Disabled Preschoolers Can 'Deconstruct Whiteness'

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Being a disabled preschooler surely comes with a hefty row to hoe.

But some in the North Carolina government have decided it’s not enough.

As relayed by the Education First Alliance, the state’s General Assembly has granted funding for Critical Race Theory to be taught in special education preschool classrooms.


From EFA’s press release:

The $7M to fund the program came from the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Preschool Handicapped Grant awarded to the state by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the US Department of Education.

EFA’s president, Sloan Rachmuth, remarked, “With this vote, North Carolina’s schools became the most radically divisive education system in America.”

Just days ago, the State School Board approved a training contract with UNC Chapel-Hill’s Frank Porter Graham’s (FPG) Child Development Center. The agreement aims at developing “Equity and Cultural Responsiveness in the Early Childhood Classroom” training modules.

EFA reports that, as part of the system’s “Identity” module, pre-K teachers are informed thusly:

Key Takeaway: We are all products of a racialized society. Whiteness affects everything we bring to our interactions inside and outside the classsroom. When we use Clarifying Conversations, we deconstruct whiteness.

What all should 3-to-5-year-olds be taught?

Per the program:

Encourage the children to question social, scientific, and historical facts. We want children to question whether information is true.

That reminds me of the old adage, “The best person to question science and history is a 3-year-old.”


Additionally, according to plan, academics should “provide challenging instruction that encourages children to question what they see around them, including issues of power and control.”

So much for teaching kids to mind.


Talk with children about their identities.

It would seem that very small children with disabilities have enough on their plate.

Yet, government authorities must know best. Hopefully, we’ll eventually find out if the superior course of action was to instill racism — AKA that all are defined by the color of their skin. The effective result — in the context of modern notions of power — will also include, if I understand correctly, a distrust and hatred for one another.

We’ll see how that turns out, too.

More on minding:

Consider: Understanding that “control” is based in white norms and is associated with white supremacist thought; it is appropriate to focus on social emotional teaching and learning.

So say…those in control.

One might wonder where whiteness will take us next; but thankfully, those in charge are attempting to pummel the pale poison.

Such valiant efforts imbrue the news:

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Forensic Anthropologists Say ‘Cloaked’ Whiteness Soils Science, Cops Care Less About BIPOC Bones

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Back to Education First Alliance, President Sloan lamented the employment of CRT in shedding light on the world for those barely out of diapers and already dealing with difficulty:

“Yes, we are seeing Critical Race Theory in schools elsewhere, but it’s mainly taught in the higher grades. But preying on disabled 3-year-old children — getting them to participate in a political movement, and to hate themselves based on skin color in the process — shows our public schools to be more morally corrupt than all others.”

The FPG Child Development Center released a statement on anti-racism in June of 2020.

We see the fingerprint of deep-seated systemic disparities and inequities fueled by institutionalized racism, hate, and intolerance. These attitudes permeate all evils in our society, at all levels, and degrade our collective humanity. If one of us feels unsafe and vulnerable, we are all vulnerable. Justice and equity can only work for everyone, or they do not work for anyone.

The best I can tell, “equity” as currently applied never “works for” everyone, as it takes from some and gives to others. But I may have been misinformed.


Either way, the UNC Chapel-Hill contract — funded via preschool development grants from the state Department of Health and Human Services — extends through 2025.

Across the country, schools are certainly set on incorporating equity:

We’ll see how it goes.



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