'All-Inclusive' University Cultural Center Hosts a BBQ 'Intended' for Everyone but White People

As we progress further, perhaps institutions will save money by repurposing 1950s-era racial segregation signs as…racial segregation signs.

It appears we gleaned nothing from America’s previous period of viewing people — and separating them — by race.


Has a society ever before so quickly unlearned a lesson? In a relative matter of moments, we went from “segregation is wrong” and “race is arbitrary” and “be colorblind” to…an alleged upcoming feast at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As relayed by The College Fix, UW-M has planned a “Welcome BBQ” for those returning to school.

According to a flyer obtained by the Fix, “all are welcome” to the celebration offering “free food.”

“Vegetarian, vegan & gluten free options will be provided,” the ad says.

Also specified:

[I]ntended for self-identified people of color.

So white students can attend, but the event wasn’t created for them.

What might be the ultimate idea behind consciously Caucasian-free dining?

That’s a question for organizers, but they’re not the only ones to exclude people of the pale.

As I covered last year, a student group at New York University petitioned for the creation of black-only housing.

Their reason, as told to Fox News:

“NYU is a predominantly white institution, making it very difficult for black students to connect or find community, especially when incidents involving racism occur. It is not about exclusion, but rather creating a space where black students can feel included.”


And in August, American University came up with a black-students-only iteration of its required course on “anti-blackness.”

A purpose of the exclusive offering, per an instructor’s assistant speaking to The Breeze:

“Myself and other peer facilitators, especially black peer facilitators and black students, saw a need for a safe space for black first-year students and transfer students.”

Course program manager Izzi Stern seconded safe spaces:

“We’ve definitely heard from black students and other students of color that the material can be a lot for them because it is part of their lived experiences. And we wanted to create a space where they could be together in community and have an overall positive experience with the course.”

Back to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, its pigment-picky shindig will be hosted by the Center for Cultural Enrichment.

As stated on the organization’s Facebook page, a primary goal is inclusion:

Our mission at the CCE is to provide a safe and all-inclusive space that brings to life the Residence Life core values of academics, diversity, community, and involvement. We achieve this mission through outreach, programming, and promoting diversity of thought. We strive toward social justice, as well as seek a holistic approach to it by embracing all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender expressions, religions, classes, abilities, or any other aspects of identity we hold.

The Fix notes another upcoming campus event is a presentation on “Understanding And Minimizing The Role Of Implicit Bias In Microaggressions.”


Additionally impending: the “Latinx Cultural Center New Student Welcome.”

“Latinx,” as you may know, is a woke term provided for Hispanics in order to de-gender their gendered language.

Unfortunately for the enlightened, Pew Research Center reported last year that only 3% of Hispanics used it.

Moreover, 76% had never heard of it.

Nonetheless, welcome.

And welcome, segregation — you appeared to be forever gone, but an invite’s been made in your honor.

From the looks of things, society once again is serving up a feast intended just for you.



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