Video: Truckers Take a Vote on Whether or Not to Continue the Protest in Alberta Canada

Hello to my fellow citizens of the United States of America. I hope that you are paying attention to what is going on with our neighbors to the north in Canada — and if you are not, please start to do so. What our Canadian cousins have embarked on over the past two weeks is nothing short of marvelous and we need to take note and follow their lead and add our own bit of zeal in pushing back on nonsensical government regulation.


In case you have missed what is going on, my colleagues and I here at Red State have taken notice of what has been happening up in the Great White North and written about it with articles here, here, and here.

I also wrote yesterday about the first political casualty from this movement in my piece entitled, The Canadian Trucker Protest Claims Its First Political Casualty… the Conservative Opposition Leader. From that article…

Erin O’Toole was ousted from the party’s top job, leaving his former deputy Candice Bergen to helm a divided caucus until its members elect a new leader with a new direction.

The Manitoba MP, who served as a minister of state in former prime minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government, was chosen by her colleagues Wednesday evening.

Bergen, who was deputy leader of the Conservatives under O’Toole, has represented the riding of Portage–Lisgar since 2008 and was Opposition House leader from 2016 to 2020.

This will be the third leadership race since former prime minister Stephen Harper stepped down after losing to the Liberals in the 2015 election.

Conservative MP Scott Reid, the chair of the national caucus, says Bergen was one of nine candidates for an interim leader.


The action is not just happening in Ottawa but all over the country and the latest from Alberta shows that the protesters are digging in their heels.

According to Rebel News, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney estimates that around 10,000 truckers are part of the protest and the leaders of the protest want to sit down with him.

The growing blockade protest at the U.S.-Canada border continues to intensify, as the local government in Alberta is reportedly discussing a response to the truck drivers who are asking the government to lift its COVID-19 mandates.

As detailed by Rebel News’ Kian Simone, who interviewed one of the protest organizers on Wednesday morning, the organizer said the RCMP came to the blockade to offer aid to truckers whose rigs were frozen, including mechanics and vehicle technicians. The organizer praised the RCMP’s show of consideration and made clear that the truckers wanted to speak to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

“We need to have a table discussion with Jason Kenney,” the trucker said. “We’re not hard-hammered here to keep this thing closed. We want this border open as well. It affects everybody … But it’s time now that we need to sit down and discuss what’s going on, and what the Canadians, Albertans want. We need change. This can’t continue like this. This thing is getting bigger and bigger … and it’s not gonna stop. People are upset. They’re done with this. It’s time.”


Bolstering the point above by the trucker that was interviewed was a video posted earlier this week of some of those truckers discussing what to do. Should they leave and continue to protest by blocking the border in Alberta or move along. In the video posted below on Twitter, it looks like the vast majority of those in attendance are for staying. The video ends with those in the room saying the Lord’s Prayer, looking for guidance and favor with Him in this endeavor.

I think it is fair to say that we Americans have a little bit of a shorter fuse than most citizens of the world when it comes to our government ticking us off. Our nation’s founding was a mad dash to tell the King of England where to stick his tax increase with no input from the colonists to where the sun does not shine. Having lived in Michigan all my life and mingling with Canadians on a regular basis, I have found that they are much more “easygoing” when it comes to government interactions.

Not anymore it seems.


The Government of Justin Trudeau has possibly pushed his citizens a bit too far with these endless mandates and it is becoming clear that this is not just a small fringe minority as the Prime Minister claimed last week.

If Trudeau does not change course quickly, he may be joining conservative leader Erin O’Toole as a former leader of his party. He would have no one to blame but himself — but I doubt he would.


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