PODCAST: Interview With Andrew Lawton on Canada's Truckers for Freedom Convoy

Overpass of Canadians cheering on the Truckers for Freedom Caravan, screenshot. Credit: Andrew Lawton/Twitter

If you have not heard or read about the Truckers for Freedom Convoy that is currently rolling across Canada, where have you been? Lucky for you, the media blackout in Canada has not reached us here at RedState, where these articles have covered this amazing event.


Supply Chain Problems Are Going to Get Worse Now That Truckers Are Protesting Mandates.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has a Massive Protest Brewing Over His Jab Mandate

Is the Truckers for Freedom Movement in Canada Partly Inspired by Donald Trump?

Justin Trudeau Calls 45-Mile-Long Truckers Convoy Small and Fringe, and He Is Dead Wrong

I’m glad to be joined by Mr. Andrew Lawton of True North, who covers Canadian politics 24/7 from a conservative viewpoint.

We discuss a number of things in this interview…

* Approximately how long is the convoy heading into Ottawa, the Canadian capital?

*Could this topple the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

*How is the conservative opposition party handling this protest coming into Ottawa?

Andrew will reporting from Ottawa this Saturday, January 29th, 2022, on all that is happening. If you want to hear from a great first-hand source on this event, make sure to follow him on Twitter at Andrew Lawton and at his Substack page.

Please give it a listen below, and send any thoughts to Andrew above, or contact me at my BIO here at RedState.


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