The GOP Response to the Lies of Adam Schiff and the January 6 Commission Doesn't Give Anyone Much of a Reason to Vote for Them

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Like any variety of vermin, Democrats are much more dangerous when they are cornered and left without an escape route. This is what we are seeing unfold on Capitol Hill.


None of the signs for 2022 are looking good for Democrats. The economy is in the crapper and promises to be in worse shape in November than today. We have become a laughingstock on the world stage. Even on his worst day, President Trump would never have had Vladimir Putin tell him to FOAD. A supermajority of the nation believes we are headed in the wrong direction. The wannabe fascists who run Biden’s Wuhan virus response are transparently more interested in arrogating power and funneling federal money to Big Pharma than they are in saving lives. Our cities have become profoundly dangerous places to live and totally unsuited to raising children. Schools have become leftwing indoctrination camps staffed by the pampered members of bloated teachers’ unions. The “generic ballot” shows support for a Republican-run Congress has now surpassed that of the 2010 Tea Party blowout.

Making matters worse for the Democrats, Joey SoftServe’s signature (assuming he still has such a thing) programs look to be dead or “pining for the fjords.” Brokeback Better was officially strangled in its crib (see Biden’s Worst Nightmare Comes True: ‘Build Back Better’ Just Hit That Iceberg and The CBO Hit Biden’s Build Back Better With a Tidal Wave of Truth). The “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” can only move forward by neutralizing the inevitable Senate filibuster. At least one Democrat, Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema, has said she will not vote to suspend the filibuster for this bill (Kyrsten Sinema Comes Flying in off the Top Rope After Democrats Surrender on ‘Build Back Better’),


All that remains is is a direct attack on Republican members to label them, and by extension, their entire caucus, as nutters and racists (House Democrats Move to Boot Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committee Assignments and GOP Pretends to Retaliate; Ayanna Pressley Introduces Resolution to Strip Lauren Boebert of Committee Assignments for Calling Ilhan Omar a Terrorist Fangirl) or “insurrectionists” (The Capitol Riot Commission Idea Is a Cynical Political Ploy; The Furor Around January 6 Is Just Democrats Artificially Extending the Life of Their Only Card Left to Play).

Those last two also seem to be on thin ice. Nancy Pelosi does not seem anxious to remove Lauren Boebert from her committee assignments for lampooning the incestuous terrorist-sympathizer Ilhan Omar (perhaps Kevin McCarthy read my post, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, 2022, and the Chicago Way). And yesterday, the January 6 Commission stuck its head in the oven, blew out the pilot light, and turned on the gas.

Yesterday, pencil-necked Adam Schiff, BFF of convicted homosexual predator Ed Buck and notorious liar, got caught dummying up text messages in an attempt to hurt Ohio’s Jim Jordan. My colleague Bonchie has the full story: Adam Schiff Gets Caught Doctoring January 6th Text Messages, Exposes His Imbecility in the Process.


As the controversy was still swirling about, Jim Jordan went on John Solomon’s show to decry Schiff’s actions.

This is how Just the News described the interview.

“It was doctored,” Jordan told Just the News in his first public comments on the matter. “It was a text message that was forwarded on to Mark [Meadows]. This again shows how partisan, biased, and wrong this [Jan. 6] committee is. Who can trust anything they do? If they’re willing to doctor a document and mislead the American people, who can trust anything they do?”

So what? What are you going to do about it?

As Brandon Morse observed, this commission is the last gasp of a failed party using failed policies to pursue failed governance. Instead of any sort of counterattack, all we’ve seen the GOP do thus far is whimper and reach for the soap. Two GOP members have been unjustly stripped of committee assignments in a raw exercise of power designed to excite the Democrat base and demoralize the House GOP. There has hardly been a squeak from Kevin McCarthy. Jim Jordan is deliberately libeled by one of the most odious members of Congress, and nothing is done. There are no official protests. There are no demands for an ethics investigation. There is no communications strategy tied to the event. Instead, Jim Jordan elects to tell his story on a little heard podcast rather than Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. It’s almost as though he’s ashamed to bring up the fact that Schiff is a pathological liar and Schiff’s presence taints everything generated by the January 6 Commission.


November 2022 is thundering towards us. We will soon be asked to vote for GOP candidates in a bid to give Americans back control of Congress. We have a right to ask what they will do with that power because right now, I don’t see them doing anything but curling into the fetal position and engaging in submissive urination.


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