Marjorie Taylor Greene, Paul Gosar, 2022, and the Chicago Way

Felicia Fonseca

If you are one of the so-called conservatives or Republicans who were first out of the gate to condemn Nick Sandmann for smirking at some fake medicine man or if you think that our first duty is to sign on to the left’s attacks on conservatives and Republicans because you want to be consistent, then you probably should stop reading now. Continuing will do nothing for your asthma, hypertension, and hemorrhoids.


Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted to “censure” Arizona Republican Paul Gosar for tweeting an anime video in which his cartoon character killed the cartoon character representing New York communist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The vote was along strict party lines, with two quislings, Lynn Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, crossing over to vote with their kindred spirits.

This is the offending video.

Somehow this became a “threat of violence” that has resulted in Gosar being stripped of his committee assignments.

Earlier in the year, freshman Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was also stripped of her committee assignments for expressing opinions the left didn’t like. To be clear, I’m not going to defend each, and everything Taylor Greene said, that isn’t my job. But neither is my job trying to silence her. If her constituents are offended, they have a way of fixing that problem. My only concern is bringing fire and sword to the left, and anyone who helps in that endeavor is my ally. But I will say that if saying stupid sh** was grounds for being stripped of committee assignments, most Congressional committees would have few if any members.

Gosar’s “censure” is just a political hit. He’s been unabashed in his support for conservative positions; he didn’t run and hide under his bed because of an “insurrection,” and because of that, he has been targeted for retribution. The video is juvenile, and you have to have an IQ on the hamster level to get upset about it. Did I say IQ on the hamster level?


What has happened to Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar is wrong, and it is unjust. It is wrong because one party targeting the members of another party for punishment while excusing the behavior of their own members, no matter how criminal or egregious, is not how a functioning legislative body works.

For more on Lauren Boebert’s speech, see Lauren Boebert Goes There and Then Some on the House Floor While Calling out Democrats.

This action by the House Democrats and two quisling Republicans promises to finalize the destruction of any facade of collegiality that existed in the House since 1994. Why 1994? Because in 1994, the GOP had the temerity to take control of an institution the Democrats viewed as their own personal preserve like they viewed the courts. And, as with the courts, they have set out to destroy the ability of the House to function.

The action against Gosar is unjust because never before have members of Congress been singled out and stripped of committee assignments without the consent of their party’s leader in the House and for any reason other than imminent indictment.

In 2022, there is every indication that the House will come under GOP control, barring some unforeseeable miracle. The GOP needs to use its power to immediately exact vengeance for what the Democrats have done. The Democrats, like virtually all of the left, can’t distinguish between kindness and weakness. They have used their power to punish individual Republicans because they have been demonized by the Democrat base and their compliant stenographers in the media. They must be subjected to precisely the same treatment. Ilhan Omar must be called to account for marrying her brother and facilitating immigration fraud. Eric Swalwell must be stripped of all committee assignments and his security clearance for cavorting with a Chinese spy. Rashida Tlaib must be punished for her open and continuous support of terrorism. Hank Johnson must be censured for his offenses against physics.


We are beyond the point of “tit for tat.” We are at the Chicago Way.

It is not sufficient to pick out one or two Democrats for retaliation. The only way this ends is by wholesale warfare that so cripples the ability of the Democrats to accomplish anything that they never want to go through it again.

If the Republicans are not willing to even the score when they take the House back, then electing them serves damned little purpose.


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