The Furor Around January 6 Is Just Democrats Artificially Extending the Life of Their Only Card Left to Play

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Democrats aren’t doing so well by any measure. Biden’s poll numbers are dropping like a rock tied to an anvil and the left has only cackled about the growing number of crises in our nation, including the rise in crime, border insecurity, and the ruination of the economy.


Bottom line, they’re headed into the midterms with no weapons, no ammo, and a dissipating number of troops. Democrats have one big gun left, and it’s been so overused it’ll be a wonder if it’s even effective.

During the 2020 elections, it was less about the left’s ideas and more about the fact that they weren’t Donald Trump, a person they had demonized every which way till Sunday. It’s a strategy that kind of, sort of worked, and how could it not have had some sort of effect? The left pulled out all the stops in order to make Trump seem like the worst person who ever existed since Hitler.

But there is no Trump now, and since then the Democrats have truly struggled to find a reason for people to vote for them. They relied on that message so heavily that they became a party literally defined by its hatred of Trump. Now, without the rod to direct their lightning, they have to find a new strategy.

Or do they?

The left used Trump as a method by which to spread fear and discord, so why not continue the narrative of potential fear and discord through the January 6 riot, which has become the smoking gun against Republicans and the idea that they are a threat to our republic.

With this January 6 committee in action, it’s all over the news now.

Liz Cheney is shouting from her soapbox that the Jan 6 riot was a “supreme dereliction” of his duty in office. Meanwhile, Adam Schiff is doctoring texts sent to Mark Meadows from Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio during the riot. All in all, however, the committee just isn’t having the effect Democrats hoped it would with a serious lack of fat for the media to chew on.


There’s nothing damning. In fact, it’s only making the right look better as many Republicans at the forefront are having it shown that they encouraged Trump to stop the riots with a statement.

The strategy of trying to lump Republicans in as Trump apologists who wanted the riot to happen is falling apart as more time goes on, and once this strategy falls through then what will Democrats have left?

At this juncture, the answer is easily nothing. Trump isn’t here (though Americans are increasingly wishing he was) and while many Republicans were Trump supporters, it’s hard to nail them with the narratives they tried to put on Trump when there’s solid proof they were only not responsible but also trying to halt it.

The age of “orange man bad” is dead, and Democrats can try to artificially extend its life all they want, but it won’t bring it back to life.


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