The CBO Hit Biden's Build Back Better With a Tidal Wave of Truth

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Allow me a moment of general complaint. Names of bills drive me batty.  Why? Because they are dishonest. Because the names, generally, have little to do with what they do.


Take the Infrastructure bill. It’s really called the “The American Jobs” bill.  We were told that the bill would fix infrastructure and create a massive amount of “good paying jobs.” It will do neither. To sell it as infrastructure, Democrats told us that everything from roads to expanding the Supreme Court is infrastructure. By that measure Nancy Pelosi’s face is infrastructure.

The “Build Back Better” bill is now, thankfully, washed out to sea. One hopes that means forever dead but one thing I know is that for Democrats — never, never means never. The CBO scored BBB as a debt builder. The CBO hit Biden’s signature legislation like a tidal wave. It’s driftwood now.

If the Republicans take power in 2022, they should stop the silly practice of naming bills with silly titles. Congress could hire a non-partisan person to act like a Senate parliamentarian or the CBO. They would analyze bills objectively and come up with appropriate titles. I’m volunteering. I mean, I’m volunteering to be paid to do it.

Take the “American Jobs” bill aka the “Everything Is Infrastructure” bill — I would have named it the “NOPE” bill. NOPE isn’t an acronym, it just means “nope.” The Build Back Better bill would have been NOPE II. No? How about it’s still BBB: Biden’s Big Blunder.


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