House Democrats Move to Boot Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committee Assignments and GOP Pretends to Retaliate

AP Photo/Brynn Anderson

Freshman Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has been on the top of the “to-do” list for the left and Vichy Republicans since before she was sworn in.


The ostensible reason is that she is an adherent of QAnon (seriously, anyone who ever believed any part of the Steele Dossier should have enough introspection to not criticize someone for dabbling in conspiracy theories) and just too much “one of those people” to be allowed to sully the hallowed halls of Congress.

By the way, I don’t want any fact-checker at Facebook saying I don’t believe QAnon is a total scourge of society. They are such a threat that CNN has assigned someone to the QAnon beat:

Taylor Greene’s real problem is that she was too ardent a supporter of President Trump, and that cannot be allowed to stand.

It seems that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer gave Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy an ultimatum. Either the House Republican leadership could remove Taylor Greene from her committee assignments, or the Democrat majority would do it for him. McCarthy demurred, I’m guessing less from either courage or principle than from being who he is. and so on Thursday, the House will vote on stripping her of committee assignments.


Let’s be serious about this. There is no deep principle involved. A number, probably a majority, of the Democrat caucus have peddled conspiracy theories and have demeaned Americans based on their race, gender, and religion. The Democrats are going after Taylor Greene for the same reason a dog licks its testicles: they can, and it feels good. The Vichy Republicans have the same motives, but they are trying to curry favor with the new power structure and get their grift on again. If you doubt me, one of the loudest voices in the Democrat caucus pushing this is incestuous anti-Semite Ilhan Omar.

Omar, who married her brother, engaged in immigration fraud, directed campaign funds to her lover, and has yet to find an anti-Semitic theory she will not spread is hardly the best spokescreature for this effort.


How is the House GOP caucus reacting to this targeting of one of their members? With the weapon they know best: Failure Theater.

Nothing Taylor Greene has said merits the action being taken. This is just a part of the effort by the Democrats and the Vichy wing of the GOP to punish Trump supporters, marginalize them, and try to purge them from American politics. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on Marjorie Taylor Green being in Congress for longer than Kevin McCarthy will ever be Speaker.


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