Sources Say Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy, He Continues to Not Deny It

Sources Say Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy, He Continues to Not Deny It
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As I wrote yesterday, an explosive report from Axios detailed how a Chinese spy was able to ingratiate herself to multiple politicians, including Democrat Russia Hoax pusher Eric Swalwell (see Explosive Report Reveals Chinese Spy Bundled Donations for Russia Truther Eric Swalwell). She apparently bundled donations for his campaign and managed to get close enough to him for there to have been a personal relationship present. That carried on until the FBI gave him a defensive briefing which provided the out for him to cut ties and walk away. It was all very convenient.

But was there more to it than Swalwell just being an unwitting participant? The Federalist is saying yes, citing sources that could blow this story wide open.

Get a load of this.

Two sources directly familiar with the counterintelligence investigation of Fang told The Federalist that she and Swalwell had a sexual relationship. Federal officials were so concerned about the romantic relationship between a U.S. congressman and a suspected Chinese spy that they even investigated whether Swalwell may have tipped Fang off about the counterintelligence investigation after he was given a defensive briefing on the matter shortly before Fang disappeared from the U.S. in 2015. A senior U.S. intelligence official told The Federalist that investigators only uncovered limited circumstantial evidence that Swalwell may have tipped Fang off after he was warned of her connections to Chinese intelligence.

When asked by The Federalist about these allegations, as well as if the representative had any plans to resign from his positions on House intelligence committees or if he ever briefed the committees on his conflict of interest, Swalwell’s office refused to address them and instead pointed back to the generalized statement they gave Axios.

Fang’s typical move appeared to be engaging in sexual relationships with politicians she wanted to influence. We know that happened in two other cases. Given her proximity to Swalwell, it’s becoming harder and harder to believe that the relationship was purely professional. Now, we have sources saying that they did indeed have a sexual relationship, to the extent that investigators had collected some evidence he may have even tipped her off.

While this will need to be proven, it’s worth noting that Swalwell continues to dodge any questions about how deep the relationship went. You’d think it’d be fairly easy to just say “no, there was no sexual relationship.” Instead, he’s sticking to generic denials which seem designed to not paint the Congressman into a corner.

Here’s the response the New York Post got when they asked.

“Rep. Swalwell, long ago, provided information about this person — whom he met more than eight years ago, and whom he hasn’t seen in nearly six years — to the FBI,” Swalwell’s office told Axios. “To protect information that might be classified, he will not participate in your story.”

And Swalwell’s office relied on the “classified information” line when Fox News’ Tucker Carlson questioned them about whether the California Democrat engaged in sexual relations with Fang.

Sorry, but the idea that whether he had a sexual relationship with this woman or not is “classified” simply does not wash. It’s a ridiculous excuse, and one that a media that wasn’t totally in the tank for the left wouldn’t be accepting. And on that topic, the media did go into full spin mode today, presenting it as a fact that Swalwell was unwitting in this situation. We simply do not know that, and the idea that he shouldn’t be expected to answer direct questions on the matter is ludicrous.

This should be the top story on every news channel in the country, but all CNN can muster is whining about Fox News covering it. Did Swalwell fall for a Chinese spy? That is to be determined, but this is a major security breach either way, and the FBI better be looking deeply into this. As it stands, it appears they have once again have decided to hand wave away an issue involving a Democrat. If Donald Trump Jr. meeting a Fusion GPS lawyer for a few minutes is enough to carry on a two year investigation, there’s enough here to make Swalwell provide answers. Did he sleep with this woman? If he did, how compromised was he? Letting this go would be yet another black eye on the bureau.

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