Jim Sciutto Gives Eric Swalwell a Tongue Bath (NTTAWWT) Instead of Holding Him Accountable for His Compromise by Chinese Intelligence

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Over the past couple of days, the big story has been the extent to which the Democrat party, particularly its California contingent, has been influenced, coopted, and apparently bought by the Chinese intelligence services. There have been hints of it for a while. For instance, back in 2018, it was revealed that Dianne Feinstein had employed a ChiCom agent as her driver. Not for a few months, but for over 20 years! READ: How the FBI Let a Chinese Spy Skate to Protect This Powerful Democrat. But recently, senior Chinese officials felt so comfortable and confident about their penetration of the Democrat party, particularly as it looks like the guy they bought might be headed for the White House, that they actually bragged about their influence and their ability to shape American policy toward China, see Chinese Academic Bragging About Influence in Washington Proves Why Tech Censorship Is A National Security Threat.

The guy at ground zero of this burgeoning scandal is Eric Swalwell. Swalwell is, without doubt, one of the most grotesque creatures in that Star Wars cantina that is the California Democrat caucus. He’s sort of like Adam Schiff without the charm and Maxine Waters with neither the melanin nor the blazing IQ. He has that look that says if he wasn’t in Congress, he could very easily be found zip-tied and gagged on Ed Buck’s sofa.

Swalwell’s contribution here is rather juicy. He’s been linked financially and, it seems, romantically to a woman named Christine Fang.

Leaks are emerging from various corners, making it clear that Swalwell was banging the Chinese femme fatale. Swalwell refuses to deny the story because he knows that is it true and that if he tries a hard denial, that proof may leak…ewwww….next. READ: Sources Say Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relationship with Chinese Spy, He Continues to Not Deny It.

Along with the fact that the Chinese compromised Swalwell, Swalwell was one of the major purveyors of Russia-Hoax porn to CNN. READ: Tucker Carlson Rips Swalwell a New One for Accusing Trump of Being a Russian Agent; After HIS ‘Indiscretion’ With a Chinese Spy

Now CNN is running major cover for him. Oliver Darcy, half of the Tater & Ollie Show on CNN, worked up a lather earlier today criticizing Fox for covering a huge story that CNN is punting, see LOL: The Wahmbulance Is Called After Oliver Darcy Melts Down Over Fox’s Coverage of Swalwell Story.

The funniest part of this sorry episode was watching CNN’s Jim Sciutto fly top cover for Swalwell. He had him on for an interview today, which was nothing more than an exercise in letting him tell his very improbable story without any challenge whatsoever. According to Swalwell is not that he was boinking a Chinese spy while on the House Intelligence Committee or that he hired at least one intern recommended by her; no, the real scandal is that people know about his behavior, and you know who is to blame for that, right? Guess Who Eric Swalwell Is Blaming For His Chinese Spy Fiasco?

The Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy called him out on it.

Scuitto didn’t like it and had to resort to trying to bluster his way through it:

This is what journalism is going to look like under a Biden administration. Sciutto, Acosta, and most of the other “talent” on CNN and MSNBC and CBS and NBC and ABC is so compromised by the deals they have made over the last four years that they can’t accurately report on Democrats without destroying themselves. Even if they were able to report on Democrats, they wouldn’t because they are Democrats, they are married to Democrats, their friends are Democrats, and they must kiss Democrat butt to advance their careers.

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