Chinese Academic Bragging About Influence in Washington Proves Why Tech Censorship Is A National Security Threat

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

As my colleague Bonchie wrote today, Tucker Carlson’s segment on a Beijing academic bragging that China has used Wall Street to exert influence over the upper echelons of American government for many, many years was explosive. As Bonchie writes:


The professor goes on to talk specifically about President Trump and how he’s blown up China’s ability to control American interests and bend them in their favor. The trade war is specifically mentioned here, with it being noted that Wall Street “tried to help” but couldn’t do much because Trump held an adversarial position against the financial institutions in question. Unsurprisingly, we hear about how easy Barack Obama’s administration was to manipulate in comparison. The professor even brags about having so many people near the levers of power during that time, but they couldn’t “fix Trump” in his words.

Carlson plays one final clip in which the professor, obviously relieved, says that now Joe Biden has been elected. That leads him to say that Trump has claimed Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, ran some kind of “global foundation.” He then makes a stunning admission that yes, the Chinese are the ones who funded that and that there are many “deals” in all of it.

This story was carried by media outlets that still care about foreign influence peddling, particularly by a nation hostile to the intrinsic values of the American system, as is China.


Among those media outlets sharing the story Tuesday was The New York Post.

The irony that should smack everyone in the face who saw the Post’s tweet is that they were the very same media outlet that Twitter censored for running the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was the fulcrum in the revelation that the Biden family had uncomfortably close connections to sketchy Chinese business deals; a story that has gained new momentum with news that a Senate report detailing some of the more damning relationships between the two has just dropped.


The New York Post tried to tell Americans before they voted in the general election during the first week of November. But the news outlet was hamstrung by Big Tech and many Americans doubtless never saw the story. And Joe Biden is now the ostensible president-elect and all Americans are made to watch as a Chinese academic expresses delight that Biden looks to take his place in the Oval Office come January 20.

If there was a question about how the censorship practices of tech giants like Twitter could potentially be national security threats, this timeline of events should clear them up.


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