RedState Weekly Briefing: Schiff's Arrogance, CNN's Ignorance, Jill's Insouciance

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Welcome to the RedState Weekly Briefing  — where we take a quick look at the week’s most viewed stories in case you missed any of them. Grab a cup of coffee (or a frosty cold beer — it's officially summer, after all), and sit down with this 21st Century Weekend Edition of your favorite (online) publication! 


#1 - Schiff Attacks Millions of Americans With Vile 'Deplorable' Statement, Trump Nails Him With Mic Drop — by Nick Arama

“The party formally of the moral majority, is now, I suppose, trying to fashion some kind of immoral majority to reinstate Donald Trump as president,” he said in a rant.  

Can we talk about what a scummy human being he is, that he talks about millions of Americans in such a fashion? Imagine him thinking he has any credibility at all to talk about morality, after how he has behaved. Sounds like a bit of projection, except they're not the majority. 

And the Democrats wonder why they are losing ground with the American people. This is a redux of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables"  comment, which followed Barack Obama's "clinging to guns or religion" comment. Why would anyone vote for Democrats, when they treat Americans like this?  

#2 - CNN Freaks Out Over MAGA Republicans Calling US a 'Republic'—and the Big Problem This Exposes — by Nick Arama

The Founders specifically rejected a pure democracy or direct democracy because they were concerned about mob rule. They wanted to protect individual liberties and minorities, they wanted a rule of law that would endure and protect those rights. Hence, while we can be called a representative democracy because the people elect their representatives -- it is more accurate and specific to say a Constitutional Republic. That difference is very significant because while in a pure democracy, mob rule could take away your rights,  in a Constitutional Republic, you have checks from the courts who will uphold the rule of law and protect individual liberties. 

Indeed, if we just had a pure democracy, politicians would only ever reach out to the most populous states and urban areas and completely ignore the smaller states in order to win elections because that's all they would need to do to hold control. But with things like the Electoral College, we ensure some greater balance. Those are just a couple of reasons why what we have is far superior to a pure democracy.


#3 -  'Unthinkable': Patricia Heaton Says What Needed to Be Said About the Cruelty of Jill Biden — by Sister Toldjah

As I’ve written before, in a normal situation, a woman stepping in to advise, protect, and defend her aging husband, to make sure he’s not taken advantage of or made to look bad, is not a big deal. There are caregivers all across America who do just that every day with their spouses, and that’s okay.

But this is not a normal situation we’re talking about. Joe Biden is the President of the United States, a position where projecting strength and demonstrating the ability to communicate coherently and make your own decisions is paramount to your success. That applies not just here at home but abroad as well with your international allies and foes who, though they may not respect whoever the president is at any given time, do respect strength.

#4 - Greg Gutfeld Puts Biden/Media Collusion on 'Cheap Fakes' Scandal in Perspective As Only He Can — by Sister Toldjah

The answer is, as RedState readers know and understand all too well, that the mainstream media were right there with Democrats, pushing along the same fake narratives about Russia collusion, the "very fine people" nonsense, and all the rest. 

"They're the engine behind their hoaxes," Gutfeld also correctly pointed out.

To put a finer point on it, these same media outlets that are gaslighting their readers and viewers now about how the videos are allegedly deceptive, taken out of context, etc., are the same ones who along with Democrats tried to sell the American people on the supposed need for Trump to be impeached over the Russia collusion hoax, the Ukraine call, and January 6th.


#5 - Angel Reese Pushes for More Spirit Airlines Flights After Caitlin Clark Embarrasses Her Again — by Bonchie

I have never met someone who wants to fly on discount airlines for the rest of their career more than Angel Reese. Does anyone think behaving like this will keep the new influx of WNBA fans engaged? Or does it make the entire league seem pathetic and unwatchable? I'm pretty confident in supposing the latter. 

You'd think these women would be happy Clark has brought their attendance numbers to all-time highs. Instead, they seem deadset on prioritizing their grievances. Reese is a good player, but she's doing nothing to help her brand or her league by acting like a child. She should grow up, learn what it means to be gracious, and do her part to help the WNBA succeed. Will she do that? I highly doubt it.



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