'Unthinkable': Patricia Heaton Says What Needed to Be Said About the Cruelty of Jill Biden

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As RedState reported Sunday, the Biden White House, campaign, and surrogates for former President Barack Obama are furiously trying to spin a troubling Saturday incident involving President Biden freezing up and having to be led off a stage by Obama as a deceptive nothingburger.


Our Nick Arama noted that the moment happened during a glitzy Hollywood fundraiser involving Biden, Obama, and far-left late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. As the three stood on stage at the end of an "interview," Biden stood stock still for several seconds looking dazed and out of it before Obama gently grabbed his arm and led him offstage.

For those who missed it, watch:

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It goes without saying that this was deeply troubling and part of a pattern we've seen with Joe Biden throughout his presidency (and even before, during his 2020 campaign), where his handlers frequently intervene to cut events short, direct him where he needs to go/or what he should say, or herd reporters away like cattle to try to hide what we've already seen with our own eyes about Biden's frailty.

Biden's handler-in-chief, as we've also discussed, is Jill Biden, whose cruelty knows no bounds - as I documented a year ago almost to the day:

With each passing day, it becomes clearer – in my view – that the person running this country isn’t Joe Biden but instead the people who continue propping him up, with Jill Biden being the biggest enabler of it all.

It’s just cruel at this point to push him into trying to go the distance one more time, but here we are, because Jill Biden – as she’s said before – is bound and determined to not be known as just a powerful politician’s wife. From all appearances, she wants something more, perhaps the trappings of a presidency itself, without putting in the level of work the candidates themselves ideally have to in order to get there.


In the aftermath of the disturbing clips from the Saturday fundraiser, conservative actress Patricia Heaton said what needed to be said about Jill and Joe at this stage of the game - via her Twitter/X account:

[This] isn’t about politics anymore. He is clearly incapacitated. This is very bad optics and even more, bad for our national security. The Democrats must find a new candidate even if it’s the slimy Gavin Newsom. Right now, there is no way that President Biden is actually in charge. So the question is, who is? Americans should know who is making the decisions. This can’t go on for another four years should the Democrats win.


He also reminds me of my dad at this age. I can’t imagine putting my father in such a situation in this condition. Imagine a wife allowing her husband’s frailty to be paraded across an international stage in such an undignified manner in service of political power. Quite Shakespearean. And unthinkable. And yet here we are.

As I’ve written before, in a normal situation, a woman stepping in to advise, protect, and defend her aging husband, to make sure he’s not taken advantage of or made to look bad, is not a big deal. There are caregivers all across America who do just that every day with their spouses, and that’s okay.

But this is not a normal situation we’re talking about. Joe Biden is the President of the United States, a position where projecting strength and demonstrating the ability to communicate coherently and make your own decisions is paramount to your success. That applies not just here at home but abroad as well with your international allies and foes who, though they may not respect whoever the president is at any given time, do respect strength.


The Bidens and their spinmeisters can gaslight all they want to, but the rather large catalog of videos tells the true story of a man who doesn't appear to be well, and who is unfit to lead this country now - much less for over the next four years.

Ultimately it will be up to the voters to decide whether they feel he and his heir apparent, Kamala Harris, are up for the challenge. But if the polls are a reliable indicator, Biden's got an uphill climb, a climb that gets steeper every time he appears in public and basically confirms our worst fears.

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