Angel Reese Pushes for More Spirit Airlines Flights After Caitlin Clark Embarrasses Her Again

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Caitlin Clark continues to keep the WNBA relevant while other players in the league seem intent on keeping Spirit Airlines in business.

On Sunday, Clark and the Indiana Fever met the Chicago Sky for a second time this season, and it turned into another heated and controversial affair. You may remember the cheap shot that Chennedy Carter (I'm told it's pronounced like "Kennedy") put on Clark in their first matchup.


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Sky forward Angel Reese, who fancies herself as Clark's nemesis, met Carter at the bench with congratulations. The Fever went on to win the game, though, and Reese and Carter were not exactly gracious in defeat, with the latter refusing to answer questions post-game before mouthing off on social media. 

The second game included yet another flagrant foul, this time committed by Reese directly. 

I'm not going to say for certain that she meant to smash her in the head like that because things happen quickly on the court. At the very least, though, Reese was beaten badly, and instead of repositioning, she mindlessly swung out of frustration. Notable is that she ended up 4 for 13 in one of her worst performances of the season and the Fever came out victorious again.

What was Reese's response? Was it to show sportsmanship and congratulate her opponent on a hard-fought win? Was it to say she has to get better? Of course, not. She cried about the refs and pretended that she was being victimized despite her almost taking Clark's head off.


I have never met someone who wants to fly on discount airlines for the rest of their career more than Angel Reese. Does anyone think behaving like this will keep the new influx of WNBA fans engaged? Or does it make the entire league seem pathetic and unwatchable? I'm pretty confident in supposing the latter. 

You'd think these women would be happy Clark has brought their attendance numbers to all-time highs. Instead, they seem deadset on prioritizing their grievances. Reese is a good player, but she's doing nothing to help her brand or her league by acting like a child. She should grow up, learn what it means to be gracious, and do her part to help the WNBA succeed. Will she do that? I highly doubt it. 



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